I get asked “what do you do?”
You know how there are people with mysterious illnesses or chronic conditions or pains?
Well, these are the people that find me. I am many times able to find the root cause of  conditions.  Once I see that I can fix it up so people heal.
The illness or condition or pain is there for a really good reason. Once I find what that reason is and direct treatment to that, the body heals naturally.
I do this with Integrative Manual Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Qigong, Nourishing Traditions, Mind / Manifestation techniques and more. I do this at a distance over Skype or phone or in person.
If you or someone you know is dealing with a condition or pain that they would like help with, please let them know about these sessions.  I’ll leave you the link below.
I know my reach is far less than the number of people suffering.  My hope  is that this help can reach them.  Please let anyone who may benefit know about this work.
I do this with groups online and individually one on one over Skype, Phone or In Person.
If you would like a free consult, so I can get a better idea what you are dealing with and how best to help you, just email me and we can set that up. ralphhavenspt@gmail.com
Here’s the link for the monthly Group online ~ streaming session 12 noon Pacific Time, Vancouver, BC .  The video will be up for at least a month so you can access it later as well.
Miracles, Magic, Healing & More ... Sessions with Ralph



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