This next Tuesday, September 29th, 2015, I’ll be presenting How I use Healing and Transformation technologies to help people heal, shift, change and transform.

We’ll be at the downtown co op in Bellingham, Wa in the new Connections building at 6:30 pm on Sept 29th.

Here’s the link

I feel it’s about helping you fix up your body and heal so that you can get on with what you are here to do.

In the 30+ years I’ve been practicing first as a physical therapist, then as a therapist trained in cranial sacral and visceral manipulation techniques and now as an energy medicine practitioner, I’ve found more and more ways to help people heal. I’ve healed myself from a pretty scary condition.

I have people from all over the world that are part of our healing and transformation sessions each Thursday morning.

I’ve seen miracles over the years and feel inspired by what has shifted for clients over the years.

What I’ve noticed is that as my clients heal, they also transform.  I’ve noticed a common idea that goes through many of the methods I’ve used and am still using to help people heal.

First you fix up the body.  As a physical therapist, most people came to me for physical healing.  Now, people seek me out for healing of many aspects of their life.  I still feel it’s useful to help someone fix up their physical body.

With some of the integrative manual therapies and energy medicine technologies, the emotional, mental and spiritual stuff shifts.  I call this some of the “why” someone is really coming in to see me; what you may really be wanting.

Many times this emotional, mental and spiritual stuff is part of the reason some one may have a physical condition. Shifting these non-physical areas can help someone heal physical issues.  These are gentle and effective technologies that help someone with their healing of these areas.  It’s about shifting patterns that are holding you back.

What can happen as you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is possibly even more of the “why” you might seek out a session.  Your heart’s desires can show up.  Your connection to spirit.

Your Heart’s Desires; your path and purpose; the “what you are here to do” can come in.  Connecting to your heart’s desires and doing what you’re here to do can show up with these sessions.   The unexpected miracles and epiphanies can show up.  I had a client tell me she was so glad she to have had a shoulder problem; otherwise she wouldn’t have come in for sessions and the other miracles would not have shown up. Here’s a link to that story.

So what I see for the group presentation on the 29th of September is a demonstration of various ways this can show up.

I’ll be telling stories of how I came to find this information and these technologies and what I’ve seen over the years.  Then,

I’ll have a few people come up and we’ll use these technologies to help someone with their healing.

Well use Matrix Energetics and notice how some thing can shift in a moment.

We’ll use Integrative Manual Therapy to show how we can use a technology of methods and techniques to fix up a condition.

And we’ll use Qigong and other technologies to show you how you can access this innate healing potential of the energy or space that you already are on a daily basis.

Ultimately I feel what happens in these sessions is what might be called a Transmission.  A healing frequency is here and this is what you tune into.  This is what heals.  It might not even be called a Transmission because that implies someone or something sending some energy to you.

I feel in might better be called a resonance.  You can start to resonate with a state of being that has information for you.  And this information has the stuff that you need to live and be in a different reality;  one with health and wellness and abundance.

We’ll be playing with this and so much more as we meet at the Downtown Co op’s new Connections building in downtown Bellingham, WA on Tuesday September 29th, 2015 at 6:30 pm.

I hope to see you there!




Ralph Havens


Anything is possible !

Anything is possible !





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