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Much has been written about how to manifest your desired realities; how to live the life of your dreams; how to get what you want…  Inherent in a lot of these methods is that you have to do something.  While doing can get you somewhere, it can also be a lot of work and may be stressful as well.  So you can finally get to the point that you have what you wanted but you are so stressed out and you’ve stressed your friends and family out that it just doesn’t feel like what you imagined it would like . There are a lot of people who we would look at and say that they have everything or they have a great life or look at what they’ve accomplished.

But if you talk with a lot of these people it doesn’t feel that way to them.  They are still stressed about stuff; money, family stuff, worry, health issues, what have they done with their life issues; the list is endless of what someone can tell you about their problems even though we may look and think wow what a great life they must have.

So what’s going on? And, how do you manifest the life of your dreams or realize your life goals and feel at peace and live with joy not only once you have it but all along the way; the process?  This is where I feel we fit in to help.

For many years, I read a lot of books, took hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of seminars to fix myself up and fix my clients up and get healthy enough to find my path and get on it and play as I travel along it.  And while a lot of it was extremely useful what I’ve noticed now is that by going about it an entirely different way, I am able to manifest my dreams and intentions and turn desires into reality but also I am able to enjoy it all along the way.  This is now how we help clients, groups, companies, runners, families and others with their own manifestation and help them with what Frederick Dodson calls Reality Creation.

So how do we do it?  Yoda would say “there is no try, only do”. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics has said, “There is no try, no do, only Be”.  The bible says “Be still and know that I am God”.  What does any of this have to do with creating your reality or living the life of your dreams or achieving stuff in the physical world?

We use a technology called Matrix Energetics to drop into a state, a space, a field of possibilities and notice what we notice.  By being still and noticing, then what shows up is a pattern and by noticing the pattern and noticing where the pattern is different, we can access a reality where everything the universe knows you want and more is already Done.  By tuning into that, you are that.  There is nothing to do in order to get something. Instead you are that already; then as this new you the one that already is that, you can do stuff.

So you’ll still find yourself doing stuff and creating stuff in your physical world; but you won’t be creating it in order to get something you don’t have; you’ll be it and as it you’re doing stuff.  When we tune to that new reality you already are it and you already have it so you can be filled with joy and love and excitement.  Operating at a vibration of joy, love, excitement the universe conspires to help you.  By that I mean, chance occurences happen, chance meetings with people; the work seems to happen almost without you; it’s fun and exciting and people are attracted to that.  Successful and joyful people love meeting with and working with others of like mind and spirit.  Everyone just wants to do stuff but not because of needing something; more because it’s just out of control fun.  Now the process of getting there is as much fun as the end result.

With Matrix Energetics and using Reality Creation Techniques we’ve been able to help individuals, companies, running groups, families and others tune into the life of their dreams.  It’s been a blast to see what shifts for people and notice the miracles that show up.  We’ve seen people change cities, change careers, generate windfalls of money, find the relationships of their dreams, and more.  But we do it by noticing where they already have it; where they already are it. From there it’s fun to see it unfold!

If you have a group, a company, a family or just yourself and want to shift realities let us know; we love playing in this world of infinite possibilities.  There are many ways to see us. Check it out here.

For a cool video of Billy Mills winning the olympic 10,000 meters even though he was relatively unknown at the time click here.  Billy Mills says that he rounded the last turn and thought “I won ! I won ! I won !….. but he was still in Third Place!  His finishing kick is amazing to see him win this but in his reality he had already won.  Then as that it showed up in physical reality!  Where is it in the pattern that you believe you already are it?

In Joy

Ralph Havens



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