Ok, so this is a big one; one that I see and notice a lot of us going through right now. It may be because it’s time. some call it the Golden Era or the Age of enlightenment. There is the 2012 predictions and we all can see whole systems dismantling such as the financial systems, and there are a lot of people examining their lives and changing things; many out of necessity.

During my meditations with Matrix Energetics, QiGong, Reality Creation, I noticed something and I want to share it with you. On the one hand, it’s my success story of how I got rid of my knee pain and other leg pains that were stopping me from running much for the past half year or more. But in the bigger picture, I can see how my issue, my knee and leg issues were there for a purpose. So, I may ramble on a bit because this just came to me but I feel it may be useful for people to know what I noticed.

Things are rarely as they seem. Many times it seems that they are actually the opposite of what they appear to be. My leg issues seemed to me like a big problem. Just as I had my life and world in a place where I could run as much as I wanted and anywhere I wanted, I started having leg issues which remained despite much work on them. I did a lot of Matrix Energetics, Integrative Manual Therapy and Reality Creation techniques along with QiGong and other meditations. I knew on a bigger level this was to teach me because past injuries taught me so much about myself and how to help others, but it was getting quite annoying.

I’ll let you know how it finally shifted for me but here’s what I found out about it.

First, the leg issues and not being able to run as much as I liked was actually an opportunity to learn so that I could help and serve others and myself and God. The knee issue was there for a purpose. I used it to notice how magic I am and really to notice how magic God is. I kept looking at it as an opportunity in between the frustrating and irritating times. I know now that when the purpose of the issue was done, everything healed quickly; overnight.

What I noticed for myself was the purpose was that I was to leave behind my belief systems, my self-righteous stuff; the things I “couldn’t do without” like running. For others leaving behind their belief systems would be different but for me it had to do with running.

What I’ve noticed is that whether or not someone willfully lets go of their beliefs, self-righteous stuff or things they can’t do without, they will be let go of in this new era that we are coming into now; the choice is does the person willfully do it or is it going to be painful.

Once, we let go of these “things we can’t do without” , beliefs, self-righteous stuff we can more fully and clearly see our destiny; our heart song; what makes our heart truly sing. This was my case; I really wanted to let go of some annoying self-righteous habits and ways of being and truly serve others and God through my life, and running and work. Paulo Coelho in the Alchemist talks about following your heart song and how when you follow your destiny, your heart song, the universe conspires to help you. There is no longer the need to fight or work against someone or thing. There will still be stuff to do but not in order to get somewhere; No…..it’s more like you become the person who already has what you’re desiring first,…. and then as that person, you do stuff. The order of creating is flipped. You are the person you want to be first ….. then as that person, you do stuff.

So, I realized that by letting go and trusting that all is well, as is; that it’s perfect as it is right now I could finally drop down to that space where I already had what I desired and from there healing happened. But it was already done by the time I just let go and trusted without an agenda or goal. Noticing as an observer but without trying to change it. I actually prayed for God to please be with me through this because I had pretty much given up; which was so out of character for me. But, I had to let go and truly trust. That was my lesson; the purpose of this leg issue. To Trust that all is well and so be it; And that I can let go of stuff knowing there is a bigger picture a miracle for me.

In much the same way that we have to sometimes see our children in pain even though we’d rather not have them experience pain, I noticed that God had a bigger plan for me and it wasn’t enough for me to have a kick-back life and run; I can have that but I was to learn that I can truly let go and trust and from that place I can help people; not as needing to fix them but in helping them access the space of Grace, where God’s miracles are.

It’s cool because it also takes the pressure off me to fix someone. But, by coming from that space, the space of infinite energy, I can notice how my clients heal. I can still use my Matrix Energetics, Integrative Manual Therapy, Qigong healing, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Consciousness technologies and all the other stuff I’ve got at my ready; but, it’s no longer about me and everyone has their own story and lessons and miracles and it’s not up to me to decide what theirs should be.

Oh and by the way, the “thing” that I used to shift my running issue was singing out loud and to myself for 2 days without much interruption, “I am healthy so very very healthy” in various tones and songs. It sounds too simple but it was a tech I got from Frederick Dodson of Reality Creation; I used it with Matrix Energetics, and all this blog came to me during one meditation as it cleared. I was using Matrix Energetics with it but the big shift came when I changed my thoughts by singing that song over and over again out loud and to myself for days.

So, I want you all to know that if you go through our site www.missionhillspt.com/blog to click on The Reality Creation link and buy anything from Frederick Dodson, I will get an email from him when you do and I will do a distance matrix energetics session to access that space where healing has already occurred for you; I’ll do this once you go through our site to get to Frederick Dodson’s site Reality Creation. You don’t have to do anything to receive this matrix energetics session. Just notice for the first few days after buying his audio download what shifts even before you use his stuff and continue to notice what is different as well.

my best to you all in 2012!!!!




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