In our next Matrix Energetics Study Group we’ll be accessing the Heart of Transformation, a term one of our friends and teachers, William of Matrix Energetics helped us access during the past few days of Matrix Energetics here in Coronado.

By being you and me being me, something magical happens, something that always was and always will be.

Feel and notice what you feel… and notice what or who is noticing as you read this …..

then notice what’s different.  ANd if you have taken a level 1 matrix energetics class, email me and I’ll put you on our email list for study groups.  If you’re not and want an experience of what ever that is that can’t be named …. that is You…. call or email me.  619.543.1470

“adversarial revolution against the ruling class will not work. It is up to those who want this shift to connect with others of like mind and begin actively creating networks of real cooperation. The old will crumble. The new period will dawn with its growing pains, the severity of which depends on our ability to accept what is happening and go with the flow. This, he says, requires evolving to unconditional love, with an open and simple heart, forgiveness, and cooperation with less ego competition. ”  This is from an article I read this morning, listed below and goes great with what I have been playing with in this week’s matrix energetics class in Coronado CA



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