The Heart of Running with Ralph Havens
2:28 marathoner, physical therapist, integrative manual therapist and matrix energetics practitioner
Offers a way to look at your running.
What’s the difference between the best runners in the world and local fast runners?  Why do some runners just love running and others have pains, problems and plain just have a hard time running.  What was the Born To Run book really all about? why did it connect with so many people?  For those runners searching for the feeling they got from reading Born to Run or that notice something unique in some runners this is for you!
What got Ralph started on his journey to understand running and how he has used his deep desire to run and his love of running is interesting and just brings more and more questions.
Have you ever noticed?
Have you ever noticed that if you count steps in world class runners and time it, they have a cadence of somewhere between 90 to 95 cycles a minute.  Meaning they hit the ground with the left foot 90 to 95 seconds per minute.  But interestingly enough the best local runners in your town also hit the ground at the same cadence 90 to 95 times/minute!  Yet they are running minutes slower for the races and won’t be winning any gold medals or setting any world records.  They are fast but not world class fast.  But they all spin at the same rate!  What’s the difference?  Stride length.
why are the fastest guys in the world between 5’3″ and 5’8″ maybe a bit taller but the absolute best are on the shorter side!
and if it’s about strength then why are the fastest guys having the skinny thin legs?
What are they doing?
Well if you look at the world class runners run by it looks like they are being pulled up and forward by some cord or pull.  And it looks like they are being pulled forward from their chest or heart space.  What is that and why do so many world class runners have a deep faith in their God or a higher source?
With The Heart of Running, We explore that elusive thing I call the Heart of Running.  You know it when you see it or more accurately when you feel it.  What is it and how can you access it to help not only your running but also your life?
Join me in this journey!
Ralph Havens

1. Run for Free – Effortless Running – Biomechanics

This module uses Matrix Energetics, Satsang and Health Coaching to give you access to transformation in the components needed to optimize running form, biomechanics, and performance. Accessing the subconscious mind and the healing power of the universe you will be able to shift stride frequency, stride length, posture, lung power, bone health and recoil abilities, joint space and pelvic floor strength, flexibility and control as well as your own personal goals.

In Clinic Sessions here in San Diego’s Balboa Park  (60 min)-PayPal $130

Running Transformational Downloads available in person in San Diego,
Call or email for further details. 619.543.1470

Individualized Package of 6 x 90 minute sessions one-on-one with Ralph Havens to shift your running into high gear.  These are fun sessions and truly transformative.

Meet Ralph in Balboa Park, San Diego for individualized or group session package.  Each Session 90 minutes with Ralph to work on your running for a series of 6 sessions.  Each session builds on the previous session.  We use advanced and specific exercises, forms, drills, matrix energetics, QiGong and other therapies and methods to transform your running, your running form, and enjoyment.  We will videotape you before and after each session and you can have the video as part of your package.

Enjoy a video of our sessions with Paul Greer a track coach and former track runner with a personal record of 3:39 for 1500 meters and 3:59 miler.

Personal Running Session Package of 6 x 90 minute sessions with Ralph Havens




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