We will be at Balboa Park on September 20th, 2012 at 5:00 pm for a Heart of Running event.

You can follow us for updates on our Heart of Running Group

Jen and I will lead you all in drills this week which we learned by watching the Ethiopian runners’ drills.  We’ll also play with some matrix energetics to access the Heart of Running. And then we’ll be off and running.  Probably a short 4 to 5 miles in Balboa Park.  We can hang out a bit afterwards if anyone wants to enjoy the end of the day in the park.

Each week we’ll be meeting and doing our drills as well as matrix energetics and playing with a component or two from the Heart of Running Program.  These runs will be self paced so feel free to come and walk, jog or run faster.  Jen and I will be running easy paces around 9 minutes a mile.  let me know if you’re going to make it so we can look for you.  ralph@missionhillspt.com



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