a great email from Wanda about her experience with Matrix Energetics

August 30th,  2012
Matrix, Matrix  Matrix Energetics!!!!!   What IS it?  I don’t KNOW!
What I DO know is that my life,  my body,  my mind,  my soul and my spirit are totally different since first being introduced to this magical mystery tour a few years ago by Ralph Havens,  P.T.
I laugh more,  I experience life MORE,  I notice things……ALL kinds of things with more interest and joy and intensity.  Everyday things,  like cutting a cucumber,  can be magical.  Have you ever REALLY looked at a cucumber and totally gotten into the experience of cutting one and then tasting it?  Can you imagine doing it for the very first time and being TOTALLY and absolutely engrossed in the process………AND having total,  knock your socks off JOY in doing it?  Well, I CAN and I think that magical,  miraculous Matrix Energetics has something to do with that,  yes I do!
So that’s the “small” stuff.  I also have had major shifts in my health.  Prior to seeing Ralph and starting on Matrix Energetics,  I was on disability due to back,  shoulder and elbow issues as well as multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue and depression.  NOT FUN!
Typically now I’m energetic,  happy, and nearly free of pain.
When I get in the flow of Matrix Energetics,  miracles happen.  I make connections with people in amazing synchronistic ways …….to the benefit of all of us. Things I need show up in very interesting and amazing ways.  etc etc.
I’m an artist and my paintings have taken on a new life.  I’m doing “energy” paintings.  I just paint and see what shows up when in the presence of the people I’m doing the painting for.  It’s as much of a surprise to me as to them. Beautiful paintings are the result.  FUN!
Thank you Ralph,  Jen and Ben for playing the Matrix game with me!
Can’t wait to see what happens next!


‘Art from the Heart’



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