Group Healing & Transformation Sessions with Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner


In these group sessions, Ralph helps people locate and unlock the traumas, restrictions and stories in the cellular structure of the body.  From there the story and the emotional charge can be transformed into pure universal energy and connected with spirit, with the divine.  What we’ve noticed is that people start lining up with their true hearts’ desires; their paths and purposes.  It’s fun and exciting to help people shift long held patterns and get on with doing what they are meant to do: their life’s purpose.


Ralph uses ancient technology from Wisdom Healing Qigong, as well as technologies from the fields of Matrix Energetics, Integrative Manual Therapy and other methods.  Each session is unique to the individuals and to the group.  The group sessions are a powerful way to heal and transform, and people tend to feel a lot of joy and laughter during the sessions.  Ralph will work with each person in the group as well as the entire group.  It’s a unique experience to heal and transform as others do as well.


If you’d like more information on what people have experienced with sessions from Ralph you can go to


Next Session:  Call for details 619.840.9755

Place:  Bellingham, Washington



Cost: $20 per participant



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