As we have been seeing a rise in gluten sensitivity and as we have been helping our patients recover their health by eliminating gluten, we have looked to the medical and scientific research on gluten sensitivity and found that a search of celiac disease shows over 14,000 research articles on this topic.

What we found in our search is that gastro-intestinal problems account for a small minority of the signs and symptoms of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Most problems related to gluten are neurological, heart, bone, endrocrine, behavioral or autoimmune in nature. In fact what we found was that most of these diseases and conditions could be called auto-immune diseases and implicate gluten sensitivity as a probable cause.

We have seen remarkable recovery from even severe cases of pain and disability from osteoporosis within 3 weeks of adherence to a gluten free diet (GFD). I have a case right now of a patient who was unable to be up for more than one hour at a time due to severe pain as a result of osteoporosis. She is after 3 weeks of being gluten free, reporting the ability to be up for the entire day, until 4:30 pm, and told me on her last visit that “it’s not that bad anymore”. We will continue to work with her to help her achieve her goals but her improvements in function are very good to this point.

We have the benefit now of having the research presented in a concise manner by Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, DC, chiropractor and nutritionist who has done a wonderful job of compiling the research and presenting it in a user friendly way. You can watch his webinar at and clicking on Dr. Thomas O’Bryan’s June 10th, 2008 presentation.

This is important information for anyone dealing with chronic problems or diseases, especially any auto-immune problems. Please let everyone you care about know about this webinar and feel free to email me for any further information you may need. You can regain your health!

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC




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