Here’s a success story from Sabrina over at Angel Eyes Optometry.  She went gluten free upon our recommendations.  She had been having signs and symptoms related to Thyroid issues.  Here’s her recent email to us.

Enjoy! Ralph and Jen Havens

Beth (her doctor) ran blood work on me this week and … after almost 2 years of being Gluten Free my thyroid levels are awesome.  I have been steadily lowering my dose and now Beth is lowering to the point where I will be off of it in 2 months!!!

How freakin’ exciting is that?  Angel and I are so grateful to you both for the constant Gluten Free encouragement.  I can still remember Jen asking you if you wanted just a bit of the cheese in the middle of my canoli. LOL!  Now I understand about cross contamination and I actually haven’t missed a cannoli since then.

Thanks again and fee free to share my Gluten Free Success Story !!!!!!

love to you both,


Angel Eyes Optometry, 3355 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 619.229.9767



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