An email I sent to a client asking about group sessions inspired some cool ways to think about getting to the root cause of conditions so you can have Freedom.







To one of my clients:

that is awesome.
so cool to hear what you have been noticing.  I am always amazed and inspired by people’s stories with this work.  I’ll leave you a blog post Jen wrote a few years ago about what she thinks is going on with it.
Thanks for your ideas around group sessions.  I used to do that in San Diego on our side porch. It was a great way to interact with people.  I may be open to it at some point again but I am feeling there may be a better way to help people.
I feel it could make a good video blog post at some point.  I’ve thought about this for a while now.  I realized I wrote a lot.  Please excuse me for such a long email!
What I’ve noticed is that while, a short session with me on a talk/demo day or even in a group session like you described can be life changing, there is another piece i’ve seen that’s important for healing.
When I first moved to town, I did a lot of group demos and worked on many people in the groups.  People loved it.  I loved it. To Come in for a session and be part of a group is healing and transformative.
But then people started, rightfully so, thinking that’s all I did or could offer them.  Short magic sessions.
And that is true I can do that for people, but what I’ve noticed, is that there is so much more to offer and to do for them.  And what they are really looking for; getting to the Root Causes of what is going on with them; what is holding them back has more facets than can be addressed and shifted even in a short magical matrix energetics session.
So I’m looking to see who wants to commit to making lasting changes so they can have the freedom they so much crave.
There is Integrative Manual Therapy diagnostics and treatments to shift hearts, and livers and GI systems and more and IDAP systems to shift the mental, emotional, spiritual pains and triggers, there is Essential Body work to connect the interface; the Essential Body, between spirit and form.
 there is the Functional Indirect osteopathic approach to find the tightest joint or area in the body and resolve that.
there is the nutrition piece and also the reason someone may have decided to be vegetarian or vegan or some other eating system.
There is the energetics of Qigong.
There are ways to access spirit with Kryia Yoga, the work of Yogananda and others.
And there is the finding the core decisions and beliefs someone put into place at early ages to survive, that are now subconsciously running their lives, finances, relationships, health and more.
I want that for people who are ready to commit to really solving stuff and getting the freedom they so desire.
I’ve noticed some interesting things with money as well.  As I’ve raised my rates, I’ve noticed interesting phenomena which has been talked about in many reality creation models.  That is, as I raised my rates, my work has been more powerful and continues to evolve at a rate much beyond my previous experiences.
 And I’ve noticed that the people coming in and paying my higher rates are having better; much more profound and expansive changes.
I had a client yesterday that watched the Tony Robbins movie.  I’ll leave a link here.  It’s amazing.  And my client noticed how powerful the movie and his work was.  But then she said, “but he charges $4995 for the program!” as if in a resigning kind of tone.
I immediately told her, “it wouldn’t work as well if he charged less”.
The universe loves speed and it loves it when people are “All In”.  It sets much in motion to make things happen fast, when people commit to something big.
And so what I’ve decided is, I want that for my clients.  I want it for me too! 🙂
And I’ve noticed that over the time of doing it this way, big changes are happening for me and my clients.
It’s so interesting this getting to the root cause thing and getting freedom thing.  There are so many facets of how it may work.
I thought you might like all my thoughts and ramblings about it!
anyway,  I will see if / how other ways to interact show up in my inspiration.  I love doing talk / demos and will be doing a lot more.  So I hope we get a bigger and bigger group coming to them.  Even being in the group is big for people.  There is just so much more to offer.
see you soon hopefully,

Soul-Actualized Therapist
Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC
Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
360.599.2217   *   619.840.9755
forest in Washington



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