here’s an article about Frozen Shoulder and the frustrations of physical therapists to solve this problem.

Article on Frozen Shoulder Click here.

I wrote a comment about the Integrative Manual Therapy type of physical therapy approach and how it’s different and can find and correct problems that are causing this condition and have not been commonly looked at in traditional physical therapy settings.

Here’s my comment, but you can read the whole article from the link above

Very good article on this subject. thank you for this.

What I’ve found is that by having a method where I can palpate and feel for path-anatomic and path-physiological landmarks or areas I can discern which tissues are problematic. With Integrative Manual Therapy a method of physical therapy developed by Sharon Giammatteo, PT PhD, I’ve learned to not only test for ligaments, joints, bone and myofascial components but also to look at arteries such as the aorta, subclavian, carotids arteries and veins, SVC, IVC, Jugulars, brachiocehphlic as well as look for bone bruises in the rib cage and problems in the organs such as the heart and lungs. In these areas it is common to find infection, inflammation and disruptions of membrane walls. There are methods to check among all the findings and find the actual primary areas that are causing the problem including why a body would freeze up a shoulder. By using tech from IMT physical therapy we can help the body heal the bone, or artery or vein or clean up infections or fix up disruptions in membrane wall integrity. When this happens if we get the right structures which we have seen in our clinic on numerous occasions, we see dramatic increases in ROM and decreases in pain. These improvements continue to improve between sessions since the primary cause was found. When looking at good manual therapy done to a shoulder that is not giving immediate or within session results, it may be due to treating the wrong primary problem or area. Looking at the arteries, veins, bones and looking for infection, inflammation and disruptions in membrane wall integrity can be a missing link. It’s what we’ve been using and finding good results with. you can read more about it from our site as we have links to information about IMT physical therapy at http://www.ralphhavensphysicaltherapy.comfeel free to email me with any questions or if you’d like any more information on Sharon Giammatteo and Integrative Manual Therapy. Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified matrix energetics practitioner, at
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