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The Limbic System is a part of the brain responsible for keeping you safe.  The range of experiences is from Rage to Ecstasy.   So many people; most people are living in a state of rage or repressed rage.  Just think of how fast one of your “buttons” can be pushed to send you into a fit of rage.

Road rage is a prime example but  not the only one.  Religion, Politics, family, beliefs of all sorts can trigger rage instantly.  Rage and the limbic system can be useful to keep you out of danger, but if it is always on or in a state just under the surface ready to explode it is not only not useful, it’s fatal to you getting what you truly want in life.

You can’t manifest your heart’s desires while in a state of rage or repressed rage.  You can get a lot done in business and life but if you are in a state of rage or repressed rage, it won’t get you what you truly desire.  The peace and happiness is available to you when your limbic system has let go of rage and is in a state of ecstasy.

Ecstasy is the pre-requisite to you getting what you want.

This transmission; this session was done on February 28th for people from all over the world.  It is a powerful session with technology to shift your limbic system from a state of rage or repressed rage to ecstasy.

When this happens, heart’s desires manifest more easily.

The session is a little over an hour and is done by Ralph Havens.  We call it the Miracles, Magic, Healing  & More … sessions.  You will have access to this video for as long as you like and I recommend using it on a regular basis to shift your limbic system and connect with your heart’s desires.

For more information, please email Ralph Havens at

Anything is possible !

Anything is possible !



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