From my friend Annie Robine, MD and certified matrix energetics practitioner

Hi Ralph!

Your weekly sessions are amazing. I know I have been on your email list for a while and no doubt transformations were happening that I may not have realized resulted from your work. I recently was at a seminar in Ft Lauderdale that was quite an experience (really..they all are 🙂
I have already shared what happened there with you and if I did not reply to question, you can always use this information in your newsletter.

I wanted to tell you about what has happened recently..I would say “you will never believe this” but..I know you will. When I met you in San Diego it was my first time attending. As you might recall, on the way home aboard the plane, and not realizing just how powerful the field is, I set the intention of asking what it would be like to have an experience doctors I know (especially my husband) could see and believe related to Matrix..and in letting that go..within 5 minutes I had an answer..Since then I have been to several and have gotten certification. When I signed up to go to Ft Lauderdale, I thought it would be fun since West Palm Beach is home. I never thought I would meet my old self there or do any of the things I told you about. I am certain aspects of that are still unfolding.
About a week ago, one of my employees who is very special to me, had her Mom come in for a check up. Her Dad had recently seen my husband and was scheduled for a heart cath due to abnormal findings on his EKG. I saw her Mom and got routine xrays…the following day I read the report in shock..a large mass was present on her kidney. I felt so terrible for my employee..her Mom AND Dad..very sick at the same time. I was scheduled to see her Mom and deliver the news later that day. I am not sure what version of myself I was that day…but I know it was not the one who learned Matrix..
I don’t talk about ME at work, instead I just stay in the field of my heart and it is powerful. But for some reason..I went to my computer and of all things, went to Facebook and sent Melissa a message about this saying I wanted to fix this problem I was calling “cancer”. First it is so unlikely Melissa would be available to “chat” on facebook, but she DID answer..and in under 10 words, set me straight. By trying to “heal” anyone is NOT ME and in interacting with this patient and trapping her in the morphic field of “cancer” the outcome would be that nothing happened at all. I sat for a few minutes and was able to get back to the field of the heart, and when I saw this patient we briefly touched on the xays and spent the rest of the time just interacting. Honestly she was laughing so much, my employee wondered what in the world was going on.. I don’t know how this will change what appears to be abnormal…but I am sure it will in some way.
By contrast on Thursday I saw a patient 31 yo who was in the ER and unbelievably had one CT done, was sent to a second ER who REPEATED the exact CT she just completed. They did not even break the seal on the first CT. In the end everyone agreed she had an ovarian mass. I spent my time with her without agenda ..and as you know Grace just shows up..I set her up the next day (yesterday) for an ultrasound and and also to see a specialist. I don’t know what happened at that visit…but the ultrasound done one day after the TWO CTs was NORMAL!!!
I have no idea how to explain need to I guess.

I guess what I am trying to relay is that for me..the realization of just BEING the field, is all I need. I don’t have to understand it, or explain it and certainly have no definite idea of what might happen, just get out of the way and allow it.

This is a tremendous transformation for me…so it is with much GRATITUDE..I am writing to let you know your work is far reaching and of great importance. I am reminded to stay in integrity with ME and just that alone..brings endless possibilities and MAGIC!! Thanks so much for including me in your weekly work! I know this is a rambling email, but feel free to use any part you wish to share.
I have many more examples of how ME has impacted my care of patients and the truly amazing transformations that have occurred if you would like them.
Thanks again!!! Annie



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