My friend and long-time mentor Kimberly Burnham, PhD has taught me many things.  She was one of the main teachers of Integrative Manual Therapy for CenterIMT and I took well over 100 post-graduate courses in Integrative Manual Therapy over the years.  Kim told me about Matrix Energetics and since taking that 3 years ago, we’ve seen more miracles for myself, my family and our clients than in the previous 24 years as a physical therapist.  Kim worked in my clinic here in San Diego for about 3 years working for 2 weeks at a time each 3 months.  She lived with us and worked with us and the growth during that phase was also amazing.

Over the past few years, Kim has been writing and now has quite a few books available.  I’m currently reading one of her chapters in a book by Jack Canfield; you know the guy who wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul; and her chapter in his latest book, Pearls of Wisdom is a great way to begin to think about possibilities.  In this chapter Kim talks about Fractals.  If you’ve never heard of fractals, it’s mind blowing when you start to look.

It’s a great description of how everything is infinite and connected; not on some meta-physical, whoo, whoo thing but in a real and physical and beyond level. Kim has a great way of bringing science and math into the real world and branching off to show how it’s all connected and how we’re part of that connection.   I’m enjoying the other stories of inspiration and thought provoking perspectives in Pearls of Wisdom as well.  I recommend it and Kimberly Burnham’s chapter Fractals:  Seeing the Patterns in our Existence is a great way to start.

Ralph Havens, matrix energetics practitioner



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