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For those of you looking to fix up running injuries, check this out.


Before you read this article  test something you’d like to change and also test how you feel walking , running, and how you feel turning your head, bending your back forward and backwards.

Now go ahead and read this article and at the end of the article notice what’s different in you!

I did it!  I was a runner since I was about 12 years old.  I mean I ran before then too but I started track and field when I was 12 as a hurdler and within a couple years moved up to the mile and 2 mile. I ran through high school at Del Rio, Texas and Middleton, Wisconsin and then ran track and cross country at Texas A & M in College Station.  I ran a lot of miles and did some crazy stuff.  Ran up to 130 miles in a week. Pretty much starved myself for a period of time to get even thinner in order to run faster.  I didn’t pay much attention to diet for health but rather to try and get faster.  I drank a lot of coffee and ran tons.

It was a blast!  I had amazing fun living like this.  It felt warrior-like.  And it worked for quite a while.  Sure I had injuries but I recovered and got back to running rather quickly.  My personal records were 2:28 for the marathon and 69:55 for the half marathon as well as 15:12 for 5 k.  I was pretty good but not going to win any olympic medals or set records.  But I loved it and ran and lived it.

As I approached 40 I started having injuries and this led me to search for ways to fix it up and get back to running.  I discovered a lot and tried many approaches.  Some worked some didn’t.  I was back to running in my 40’s and thought I had it pretty much figured out. But then all hell broke loose and I didn’t run much at all for 2 + years.

I found out what happened and more importantly how to fix it.  I now have a good idea how to find the cause or causes of injuries in runners and how to fix them up and educate runners and former runners in what to do to get back to running.

I’ve done this so you can get well, get healthy, get fixed up and very important, to get back to running. Even if you’ve been away from running for years.  If you want to run, I can help you so you can run again and enjoy it and do it in a healthy and sustainable way.

I’m going to do a video soon about it but I want to get the word out right now.  I actually thought to write this up while on a run from my home in the forest in Bellingham, WA.

First we have to find the cause or causes of your issues. The Why of why you aren’t running or why you are running in pain.

There are many areas to look at including nutrition and water supply for drinking water as well as biomechanics, and other physical and emotional, mental and spiritual areas.  If I can find the primary things your body or being is protecting then the techniques to those areas actually work; and the rest of you gets on with healing.

I know it sounds kinda crazy or hard to do. I thought the same thing years ago, but with the classes I’ve taken from physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, energy healers, nutritional people and others, I’ve got a way to actually find and fix the problems.

How do I do this?  There is a way to scan someone and determine where the problems are. Not just where the pain is, but what is causing the pains.  Then there are techniques from Matrix Energetics, Physical Therapy, Integrative Manual Therapy, Qigong and others that can actually fix it up.

I usually give very specific home exercise and treatment programs so you can do it on your own.  Having the knowledge of what is going on with you and how to fix it is valuable so you can continue to fix yourself up.

There is even a way to do this over Skype and Phone.  The way it works is cool but not important for you to understand.  The important thing is to see it work on you.  There is an energetic component to this way of finding the problem and fixing it.

Check it out

In fact I have a way for you to test it.  So at the beginning of this article I had you all test something you’d like to change and also to test how you feel walking , running, and how you feel turning your head, bending your back forward and backwards.

so now, re-test, test how you feel walking or running, turning your head, bending your back forwards and backwards.  Test it and notice what you notice.

Notice what’s different.

Crazy huh!  I mean how can you be different just by reading something? I know this sounds crazy, but what if it really works?  You may think, it’s placebo or that you’re just wishing it was better or something.  But test it for yourself. Read this article each day and before you read it test how you feel and then after your read it right away test it again.  Notice if it is consistent. If it works each time.

You already do a lot to try and run or you have in the past.  You love running and it’s important to you.  You already do this now. *

You might want to consider reading this article each day and testing for yourself before and after. And if you might like more information on it, or about how I’d go about fixing up your conditions so you can run and run in a healthy and fun way, give me a call or email me. What would it be like to find out what the causes of your  pains are, and more importantly how to fix them up.

Ralph Havens

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA   619.840.9755

P.S.  Test something like how you feel walking and turning your head and bending your spine.  Then read this article and re-test how you feel walking, turning your head and bending your spine.  Notice what’s different and call or email me with what you notice and if you might be interested in how this works or how to make it work more for you so you can run again, let me know,  Ralph

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