This is how we’re getting fluoride out of people’s bodies. it’s an old time remedy and it’s been cool to see it work. We’re using it with matrix energetics, IMT and Wisdom Healing Qigong
If you are suffering from Thyroid issues, kidney issues, bone pain, joint or tendon or ligament pains; if you can’t run anymore due to arthritis, try this as it’s been a godsend for us and others.   Please call me or email me and we can tell you about it.  It’s simple and it’s an old remedy.
here’s more info on what we’re using:

here’s the info on fluoride detox we’re using. we’re doing a  combo of this

using Borax as they describe in this article





Borax, Tamarind and Iodine and especially Borax bind to the same receptors as Fluoride so taking them eliminates fluoride from the body!

metagenics ultraclear renew, and ultrainflamx 360 plus and advaclear

and Magnesium

also lemon, ginger, tamarind, tumeric tea

and lots of water.


good results

also using Integrative Manual Therapy detox techniques and Matrix Energetics and Wisdom Healing QiGong and QiGong from Grand Master Effie Chow.

together a very good result.

If you know of anyone with Thyroid, Kidney, Depression , Rage, Anxiety, Bone , Joint and bone cancer these have been linked to fluosilicic acid (fluoride in water supply).

and watch the movie on YouTube called The Great Culling . Look for the full movie done right here in San Diego.  And the BBC award winning documentarian Christopher Bryson’s Fluoride Deception movie

619.840.9755 Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified Matrix Energetics practitioner.



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