Since 2011 when we were first alerted to the dangers of fluoride we’ve been researching and testing ways to detox from fluoride.  If you would like to know if fluoride is a possible cause of your conditions or symptoms please email me ralphhavenspt@gmail.com or call me 619.840.9755 and we can set up a time to help you.  If you have conditions such as severe joint or bone pains, kidney pains depression, anxiety, or thyroid issues, you may have fluoride toxicity problems.  There is a way to clear it.  Here’s what I’ve found so far.  We’ve seen it work.

1.  First and foremost find out if your city fluoridates water supplies.  This is easy to do an involves goggling the city you live in and emailing the city manager or public works department and just asking if they fluoridate the water supply.  If they do it’s important to protect yourself from it.

2.  Go to www.promolife.com and call them to get the Brimac Fluoride filters for your entire house.  These filters use Bone from Cows to absorb the fluoride out of your water.  That should tell you something about why you don’t want to drink this stuff.  If it absorbs in Cow bones it absorbs in human’s bones too.  Not good so make sure your water is clean.

3.  If you can find a good source of spring water for drinking that is optimal.  You can search here www.findaspring.com or www.wholefoods.com and email or call the source to make sure the water is non-fluoridated.

4.  Any food you eat; no matter what it is check and see if fluoridated water is used.  All teas are suspect.  Most are affected by fluoride and I’d recommend not drinking teas or kombuchas.  Hidden sources are sprouted seeds, apple cider vinegars and all packaged or processed foods.  Even vegetables if grown with fluoridated water is contaminated  The leaves of plants bio-accumulate the toxins.

5.  Check out this article for a detox and if it makes sense to you and if you check with your health care professional you may want to use this detox.  Please do your homework with it and check with your health care practitioner if you want to use this. Click here.

6. For more information on detox click here.

7.  For more data on the research of why you want to avoid fluoride click here for movies

The Great Culling

The Fluoride Deception

Call or email me if you want more information,

Ralph Havens





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