Just fix it up


I had the most amazing teacher, Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD.


The first time I met Sharon, I was taking her Women’s and Men’s Health Issue class.


Now, I was already used to CranialSacral and Visceral Manipulation classes as well as structural integration, and many other methods I was using to fix people up.


But this was completely different than anything I had encountered to that point.


Sharon had thousands of techniques for working on each little artery, vein, lymph vessel and lymph node; for every organ and parts of every organ and even working on the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts related to the uro-genital system. She had this technology for every organ system in the body.


And what was even more remarkable, Sharon and her team; her husband Tom and daughter, Ayelet; both experienced practitioners; could see what you needed from across the room.  I mean there they were in class looking at each of us and telling us what technique to do and how much it would change us.


And sure enough we would test ranges of motion, strength, walking; other stuff; and do the technique they recommended and our motion, strength and walking would be better; a lot better. And when I left the class my running was remarkably better.


I had to learn more.


So over the next 10 years I brought Sharon and her team; which was actually about 20 or 30 therapists working with her; to our office and I and my team of therapists travelled all over the U.S. and Canada taking classes.  I took over 110 classes over a 10 year period. I also worked in her clinics and was part of big intensive trainings and work in San Francisco, Los Angeles and her home base of Bloomfield, Connecticut.


Sharon used to push us but she did it by leading and showing us what was possible.  I saw miracles and miracles beyond belief. I saw people coming in from all over the world and healing from chronic and life threatening conditions.  The big stuff; the terminal stuff.


I saw one therapist who just a few years earlier was confined to a wheelchair and quadriplegic, 


who was now walking, 


and living and working as a totally normal young woman.  Sharon actually developed a whole treatment model by working with and fixing up this young lady.


We have that technology now.


Since working with Sharon, I have gone on to develop skills and use technologies that appear even more like magic. In 2009 I began my study and use of Matrix Energetics; a work developed by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND.  This has been life changing stuff for me.


What I saw was that I could now look from across the room at someone or over Skype or Phone or even at a distance without physically interacting with someone; I could look and know what was going on with  someone and more importantly how to fix them up.


And I could do it over the phone or Skype.  I found a way to help people fix up even when I was miles away.


This changed everything once again for me.  I now had a practice whereby I could scan someone over the phone or Skype or in person and use all my skills and trainings to help them fix up. People were not only fixing up and healing when I saw them in person; they were healing even being half way around the world.


And it was working consistently; predictably and also in ways I couldn’t even imagine.  Each day I am truly inspired by what happens.


When I see someone now, I am amazed and inspired by what is possible.  I see it every day.  Stuff can change instantly and also it can be very good to work with someone over time.  There is magic that happens when I work on someone; I believe it’s spirit or God or whatever you want to call it.


There is also a usefulness to use the technology from my work with Sharon, Integrative Manual Therapy, and see someone on a consistent basis.


If someone has something that is not fixing up, there is an answer.  I’ve seen it; I see it on a regular basis.


What do you need to fix up?  To Heal?


With these technologies we can see immediate changes.  Miracles really do happen in the blink of an eye.


And we can see the miracle of working with someone and systematically going through and fixing up each organ, blood vessel, lymph vessel, mental, emotional, spiritual issue that is holding someone back from optimal health.


Sharon used to say her job was to make someone healthy enough so they could get on their surfboard and take their wave.


I believe using both Matrix Energetics and Integrative Manual Therapy is a way to help you get healthy; truly healthy; so you can connect with your Heart’s Desires and get on and do what you’re here to do; Your Path and Purpose.  *


You’ve taken the time to read this and are obviously interested in fixing yourself up and getting on with doing what you’re here to do. You have probably already looked for answers and are doing things now to get healthier.   You already do this now.


If you might like to talk with me about your particular issues, let me know and we can schedule a free consult for you; to see what is going on with you; and what can be done to help you get healthy so you can connect to your Heart’s Desires and get on with doing what you’re here to do.


Call me at 360.599.2217  or email me and we can find the time to meet.  RalphHavensPT@gmail.com


I look forward to meeting you!


my best,


Ralph Havens 

* * *



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