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Jen and I are excited to let everyone know.  Our new Bellingham, Washington office opens Monday April 7th, 2014 !  We have decided to lower our rates as our overhead has come down since leaving the San Diego office.  We’re excited to be able to do this and are looking forward to helping more people.   Please let everyone know we’re at 2221 James Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

619.840.9755 www.ralphhavensphysicaltherapy.com Call us and we can set up your session

Of course we will continue to help clients via Skype and look forward to offering you all the same new rates.

here’s the new rates for In-Person, Skype or Phone Sessions
full hour sessions $100   ( was $130)
half hour session $60    (was $75)
15 minute session is still $40



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