How to find the best way to fix up your pains or chronic conditions so you can get back to doing what you want to do. From Ralph Havens, Physical Therapist from Bellingham, WA and Ralph Havens Physical Therapy


One of the keys to a happy and abundant life is to do what you want to do.  But if you’re sick or in pain or have a condition no one can figure out, it can seem impossible to do what you want to do.  In this article, I can show you how to go about figuring out how to fix it up.


How I found this information:


  1. Like many of you, I had some physical issues or challenges over the years and had to find out for myself how to fix them up.  Being a physical therapist and owning a physical therapy clinic I had the opportunity to take many classes from all sorts of people and while working with thousands of clients over the years, I was able to research and use what I found, to see what worked and what didn’t work as well.
  2. I also found ways to find out what type of treatment was the one to use for individual clients. There is a way to sift through all the information and types of treatment and find what would work for you.  I will show you a way that you can find what is the right thing for you.


There are people who have been able to fix up people over the years. Some of you may have heard of them.  Of course the archetype is Jesus who was able to miraculously heal people simply by being in their presence.  There are people from the world of ancient Chinese traditions such as QiGong and Tai Chi and Indian traditions from various type of Yoga pranic healing who have healed people with energy type work.


There are people such as Drs, Max Gerson and Weston Price who healed people from all sorts of life-threatening conditions with two quite different diet approaches.  There are people who have studied what are called the Blue Zones which are cultures or groups of people who commonly live past 100 years in a healthy way.  There are ways to fix up pain and medical conditions using diet.  It’s been done before over many years.


There are all sorts of healers using more traditional methods such as Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Massage and others who have success stories of people miraculously healing from all sorts of conditions.


There are even reports of people healing after quitting their job and finding their true path.


 But how do you know what would heal you?


How to know what method or type of treatment or what would heal you.


That’s the big question.  Many of you have tried many methods and many people.  It can be very frustrating.  I found myself frustrated through part of my journey in figuring out what would fix me up and I’ve had many people come to me after trying so many different things.  Now no one I think can take away all the pain in the world.  But, it’s been very cool to see how these methods I’ve used over the years have worked to take away a lot of people’s pains and fix conditions.


Here’s a way to figure out what method is right for you.


  1. Learn to zero in on correct information. There is a way to sift through many different methods and people and find what would work for you.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and you can keep expanding your list of things to check.  But the actual searching and finding where to begin and what to use can be quite a quick process.
  2. By knowing where to look and knowing how to tell what is useful you can quickly start down the correct path to fixing yourself up.


If you get information that is not for you; a method that is not working there is also a way to get back on track without wasting too much time with it.


Using some of the same zeroing in techniques I will show you, you can tell if the person or method you’ve chosen is working for you or if you need to change directions.  This can be a fairly quick process as well.


So here’s how to begin:


  1. Here’s the list of techniques and methods and people to start your process with.  Take each of these and write them on a paper and put each one on a separate piece of pater so it’s distinct and separate.  You can have many small pieces of paper to write these methods or people down on.   Here’s the list and you can add more if you know of a method or person you want to check.


  • Energy Medicine
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Qigong
  • Other Energy healing technique
  • Yoga
  • Physical Therapy
  • Alternative or Holistic Physical Therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Nourishing Traditions
  • Chiropractic
  • Alternative  or Holistic Chiropractic
  • Meditation
  • Mind over Matter techniques
  • The Secret
  • Course in Miracles
  • Energy Medicine
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Orthopedic Medicine
  • Medical Doctors
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Massage Therapy
  • Rieki
  • Acupuncture
  • You can list any and all techniques you can think of


There are people who have healed others throughout the years. So, also include a list of people.  So if you have a list of people write each person on a separate piece of pater; a small piece of paper for each person.  You can add more to the list as you get more names of potential helpful people.  They can even be real or imagined people or people from the past or future.  Here’s a starting list:


  •  Jesus
  •  Qigong Master Dr. Ming Pang
  •  Qigong Master Lau Shi
  •  Qigong Master Ming Tong Gu
  •  Qigong Master Heidi Hawkins
  •  Ralph Havens, PT, OCS certified Matrix Energetics practitoner
  •  Richard Bartlett, DC, ND founder of Matrix Energetics
  •  Fred Dodson, reality creation coach
  •  Kim Burnham, PhD Integrative Manual Therapist
  •  Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD, Founder of Integrative Manual Therapy
  •  Edgar Cayce, medical intuitive from years ago
  •  Adam, medical intuitive from Vancouver, BC
  •  List any and all practitioners you can think of.


Now here’s what to do with all this information:


You’re going to use your zeroing in skills to find what to use and how to use it.  If you are used to dowsing or muscle testing, I’d recommend trying a different way so you’re out of your usual way of thinking.  Let’s open up new doorways of possibility instead of the old and tired ways of doing stuff.  You can always go back to it, if you want.  But try this and see what you notice.


First we have to get a baseline so you know what’s true to you.  Find some stuff you know is true for you; like your name, where you were born; if you’re a male or female etc.  Now you have to be neutral and not care one way or the other to get useful information.  In order to do that, you can start with an open ended question, “if I was neutral what might I notice?”  Now let that go and place a hand on your heart area.  You don’t even have to be on the heart you can feel on any part of you.  And then say some stuff that you know as true such as your name or your age or where you were born and notice what you notice in your hand over your heart. That is your yes answer so remember what it feels like; now say some stuff that you know is not true and see what you notice with your hand on your heart.  This is your no answer.  Remember what that is.


Now here’s what you do with your lists:


  1. take all your list of methods and the list of people and place them on a table upside down so you can’t see what’s written on them.
  2. Place your hand on your heart and ask the open ended question such as “if I was neutral what might I notice?”  You may get the yes signal from your hand on your heart.  That’s a signal that you’re neutral and open to new and useful information.
  3. Now scan your little pieces of paper by hovering over or lightly touching each one, and see when you get a “yes” response with your heart hand.
  4.  Place any yes pieces of paper off to the side and get all of them you get the yes response with.


Now here’s a fast way to use this information:


  1. Scan again over your yes list and see which one gives the strongest response; a yes response with your hand that is on your heart.  And pick the one or ones that feel the biggest response.
  2.  You can now turn them over and see what you’ve got.  This is at least part of your answer to what can help you.  You can research it and find out what to use and how to use it if you like.
  3. Then try this, place your hand on the ones that were the strongest responses and a hand on your heart and notice your yes answer as you ask your open ended question, “if I was neutral what would I notice?”  Let go and notice what you notice.  This is an adaptation of some stuff I learned in Matrix Energetics which you may like.  Try it and see what you notice.


By finding what or who may be useful for you and your conditions, you can get past what others are telling you is good for you or what can heal you and go to what your intuition or whatever you want to call it is telling you.  This is more valuable information as far as I’ve seen over the years.  You might find your answers for who to see or what type of treatments to receive.



There are more ways to use this information,  but as you can probably tell, it would be too big a process to try to explain it over an article.  If you might be interested in more ways to use this information let me know.   I’ve found ways to use many different methods without having to go to each method and spend a lot of time on it. If you might like further information on it, email me and I can fill you in on that.


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P.S.  I can use this and walk you through it quickly with a short session if you’d like someone to just do this for you.  It’s easier to do than write or talk about.  I can show you if you might like that.  call or email me 619.840.9755


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