A way of describing Matrix Energetics to a client by Ralph Havens
I am in a state of being that is hard to describe but easier to demo.
By that I mean I am using a technology called Matrix Energetics that is more state based than energy or doing based.
It’s an information based way of interacting with patterns in a field of what can be described as the infinite .
Now that sounds big and kinda like what the heck are you talking about .  I know that and each  time we do talks or demos of this or explain it to someone we tend to say it differently each time.
Putting too many explanations on it is attempts to limit it.   A way to describe it is the state of Grace and Infinite.
From that state, I drop into the field or space or whatever you want to call it with you.  Nothing you have to do but show up.
As I notice the pattern of you and what is connected to you, I notice differences.  By noticing, the pattern shifts.  Before and after sessions I like to check stuff in the so called physical world.  Range of motion of necks and backs and shoulders and walking and check in with what someone would like to shift or transform.  If something were to shift right now, how would you know?  How would you measure it or know it had shifted.
So I like to check what someone wants to change.  Then we go about dropping into this state of the infinite; the state of Grace and notice differences, changes,  miracles.  When it’s done stuff is different and will continue to be different and continue to shift in ways I could not predict or even imagine.  I know this from the emails and follow up calls from clients over the years.
I’ll leave you some links about this stuff and some stories from past clients as well.
let me know what you’d like to shift,change, heal or transform.  What would you like to be different?
here’s some links and let me know if you might like more info or would like a session.  We do them over Skype or phone ( I like Skype myself) and in-person (we’re in the pacific north west right now)
looking forward to hearing from you,
Ralph Havens
here’s some links
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Ralph & Jen’s Healing & Transformation Space



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