Enlighten Up and Get What You Want ~ Mind Map

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Enlighten Up and Get What You Want ~ Mind Map

What do you want? Visualize and daydream about what you truly desire. What might you be wearing? Where might you be living? What might you be doing? Who would you be doing it with? How might you feel?

Now daydream about this life for a moment. Really feel it.

Now I’m coming up to you a year later and I’m asking you, “ What do you want now? Again go through and visualize and daydream about having that. Your lifestyle, your car, your clothes, your work, your friends, what you’re doing and how you’re feeling . . .

Again, daydream about this life for a moment and really feel it.

Now say you’ve had this life for an additional 3 years . . . and I’m now asking you, “what do you want now? . . .

Repeat this sequence a few times through. When You have gone through a few versions of this, notice what it is you truly want.

And notice if you can already feel this now? Can you feel what it would feel like, having already achieved this lifestyle and having what you want?

What might it be like to go ahead and feel that way throughout your day?

Spend some time each day going through this exercise and feeling what the feeling state is having achieved your desired life. . .

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