Don’t read this unless you want to be moved profoundly.

I love it when I get emails back from clients with successes they’ve noticed since their session.  I got one this morning that is profound and different than what I would have expected and certainly not what I would have wanted.

This is the email that moved me profoundly this morning.  I got this message from someone who had asked for help with a niece’s boyfriend who was in ICU and given hours to live.  The family of course was desperate and coming to terms with what was happening.  So my client was on our Miracles, Magic, Healing & More … Session online this past Sunday.  I got this message back from her today, two days later.

“The miracle is running into you!”

Yes, the boyfriend of my niece died.
It was an incredible passing, so reported by my sister.

Upon receiving your good vibrations,
he rallied, to leave his bed and sit in a chair.
The increased pain medications to do this also allowed him to sponsor
a slide show in his room.
Everyone who loved him crowded in his room for this last harrah.
Then he went unconscious and passed 24+ hours later.

This tossing of the Hail Mary pass does often come up short, in terms of
Yet obviously, before he departed this plane, he truly stepped into the energy patterns
cleared for him and was able to maintain consciousness for longer than expected,
to share love, gracefully and fully in the present moment.

We need the daily sense of who we really are, to know how to take care of ourselves energetically
and to reach out for the assistance we need.

The miracle is running into you! 
Happy Thanksgiving.





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