I get many emails each day from groups I’ve signed up with.  There are all sorts of groups that are working very hard to make the world a better place.  I am glad they are here.  One thing that can happen when while working to save the world is a deterioration in one’s own health and wellbeing. 

I received an email today that brought this to light once again. A doctor who has fought the battle to end fluoridation in the world passed away recently at the age of 50 years after a battle against cancer.  Fluoridation truly is one of the atrocities that has happened to humanity.  I mean that. The malfeasance of those involved in the lies and deception in order to put fluoride in the water supply is amazing!

But, if we fight with all our heart, something happens to our hearts. And it’s not what you would really want.  How do we go about working to heal the world and others without negatively affecting ourselves?

The key is neutrality.  Being neutral has been taught by many most recently Eckhart Tolle and others.  But how can we be neutral when such things are going on? Jed McKenna talks about how it’s impossible to be neutral until you wake up.  He defines waking up as knowing the truth.  He has an autolysis exercise in his books about a process to do that.  I recommend it for those looking for the truth. *

I also recommend using the Wisdom Healing Qigong for the pelvis and hips.  What shows up with this exercise is Bliss.  From this point an awakening may begin. Click here for info on that.

When ones wakes up and truly knows that what we see and know is not true, then we can decide how we’d like to play “as if it’s real”.  From there it’s easy to be neutral because you know it’s not truly real anyway.  But if it was how would you like to play?  Sometimes, you may work to make things better in the world. Sometimes you may work on yourself.  Sometimes you may live life the way you want to live it doing the stuff that brings you joy.  All the while being neutral.

Interesting ideas when looking to play in this world.  Let me know what you have found.

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P.S.  If you use the Wisdom Healing Qigong exercise what shows up is Bliss. Try it and let me know what you notice. Click here for that.


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