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The QiGong Master was asked to use QiGong to stop cancer cells.  He was to do his qigong to kill cancer cells.  Sounds incredible.  What if the client didn’t believe in Energy or QiGong or Energy Healing?  Would it still work?  Is it possible?

The QiGong Master did his Qigong or whatever you want to call this energy medicine thing.  The cancer cells stopped growing then died.  Interesting though.  The QiGong Master was in Mountain View, California.  The cancer cells were in test tubes in a lab at Penn State, 2000 miles away!  This is a well know research study well documented with strict scientific guidelines in place.

Here’s the links you can read more about the experiment. Click Here.

Treating clients in person is fun; it’s transformative.  There is nothing like being in someone’s presence.  When I do sessions one of the things “I do” is to notice myself as pure Chi Energy as pure light.  Then I look at the client as pure Chi Energy.  From there, there really is no thing to do.  It may appear that we’re doing stuff.  And on some levels, yes, I am doing stuff.  But the more I can let go of thinking of the client as physical the more profound and instantaneous the changes can be.  Part of the reason may lie in the physics of Nassim Haramein. Click here for more info on that. What physicists know from all their math is that there is more energy in the vacuum or in the space than in the entire known universe.  In fact 99.9999% or more of what is out there is empty space.  But while it looks empty it contains infinity; literally it contains infinity of energy, potential and information. It boggles the mind.  It doesn’t make sense to us but that is what the physics says.

So perhaps we should be studying the space and not the stuff to find out what’s going on!  We spend so much time acting as if we are physical; as if we have physical problems; as if we have to do something to fix something real.  But from a physics point of view it’s mostly all space full of infinite amounts of energy, potential and information.

Perhaps this is why a Qigong Master can kill cancer cells 2000 miles away.  Perhaps it’s different than we’ve been lead to believe.  How to heal.  Do we need to fix something?

When I do our Matrix Energetics / QiGong / Integrative Manual Therapy, I drop into that space of the infinite.  The place where I notice us as the space; which is really what we all are mostly.  It doesn’t matter if someone is in the same room or next door or 1000’s of miles away.  I’ve seen changes in clients from as far away as Pakistan, Australia, New York, Chicago and places in between.  It’s not like I have to work harder to make it happen.  It’s more about getting rid of more and more filters that get in the way of me knowing what we really are; which is this infinite space, infinite potential, infinite energy.

Time and Space are different perhaps than our 5 senses lead us to believe. Maybe the infinite is right there under our noses; and under our fingertips and under our feet.  My experience with doing sessions at a distance is that, the more I can play in that infinite space, the bigger the results.  Don’t let “Time” and “Space” get in the way of your Healing & Transformation.

Skype and Phone sessions work just as well if not better than in person sessions.  And you don’t even have to believe it.  Those cancer cells didn’t have very many beliefs…. or maybe they did and it didn’t matter anyway.

love and peace,





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