Are you interested in self improvement,

living a more fulfilling life, higher consciousness,

better health, personal growth,

fun and magic,

resolving addictions,

yoga, metaphysics, anti-aging,

improved sexual performance, personal healing,

music, sound healing,

or the mysteries of life?

If so, then I highly encourage you to join me for the first annual Healing, Magic and Mystery Summit!

During the summit you will learn:
Receive a live personal energy healing
• Learn breathing techniques for optimum health
Discover your style of manifesting- mystic or magician
• Realize through a subtle shift how you live a magical life
• Access your own inner counselor
Explore the mysteries of life, death and the afterlife
• Find out how important sound is to your well being
• Discover what type of music works best for work, sleep and creativity
• Learn practical tips for vibrant, juicy aging
• Receive practical tips and tools to overcome addictions once and for all
• And more!!

REGISTER HERE For This Free Global Online Summit:

With World Renowned speakers such as:

Dr. Norm Shealy
Steven Halpern
Melissa Joy
Richard Bartlett
Emmanuel Dagher
Ann Nunley
Simon Borg-Olivier
Cristina Smith
Ingrid Coffin
Darity Wesley
Nathan Crane

….you can be assured that this will be the most fun, inspiring, and mysterious summit you’ve ever attended dedicated to providing empowering solutions to living a more magical life.


The Summit is hosted by Cristina Smith – founder of the Subtle Energy Center, and produced by Nathan Crane – founder of The Panacea Community, and the information you will learn will be top notch and of the highest quality from the leading experts…

…and you don’t want to miss it!

I hope to see you on the summit

Ralph & Jen Havens


P.S. The summit starts on November 11th, so grab your free ticket today so you don’t miss any of the important access details:

water in Washington



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