Matrix Energetics: A note from Andrew, who attended Level 1 & 2 in Hamburg

This is from the Matrix message boards, but it’s so good we’re also posting it here.

Andrew, are you here in our group? I hope so.

I just returned to my home in Switzerland after having attended the Level 1 and 2 seminars in Hamburg, Germany. What an experience!

Day one started off with some pretty loud music and some “interesting” dancing / air guitar from Richard! I guess this is normal for these seminars! about 350 to 400 people on their feet dancing, clapping and just flowing with the music and Richard. Quite a kick-off!

Then the teaching started. Half an hour in I was wondering if I was in the right place (I’m an electronic engineer and a “healthy skeptic”)! But, as I am (from my years of Kung Fu and Chi Kung training), I just relaxed (as best I could) and went with what was going on. We got the 2-point first. When we headed off to practice my left brain was going “what the hell is this all about” and “I have no idea what I should be doing here”.

So there we were in our groups of 3 (or 4). I was supposed to work on someone. “But heck — what do I do?”. So, again, I relaxed and just did what Richard said. “BAM”, the “subject/reciver” fell into the arms of the kind catcher behind.

Left Brain: “What the hell did you just do?”
Left Brain: “I bet you can’t do that again!”
Right Brain: “Shut up, moron!”

So I tried again. Same result.

That, together with the GREAT fun way Richard and Melissa presented the material and the demonstrations, pretty much sums up my experience of day 1.

Back at the hotel in the evening, I was chatting with my wife (on the phone — she was back home in Switzerland). When she asked how it was going (even more skeptical than me), I just kind of said “I’m still not sure if I’m in the right place and I have no idea what is really going in. All I know is that I do (more or less) nothing and see people collapsing all over the place. It’s weird but it’s fun!”

Then came day 2. More loud music and dancing. More left brain saying “Get out of here!”.

Richard and Melissa started to introduce new concepts. We got “time travel”, “parallel universes” and “archetypes”. As Melissa so aptly put in regarding archetypes “Just halucinate out of your freaking skull!”. Great input for my left brain !

But again, I just went with the flow of events. And EVERYTHING seemed to work. My left brain still had NO IDEA what was going on. It was heading into overload, I think. Maybe, after the event, this was exactly what Richard was trying to achieve. Left brain was SO hung with trying to understand and rationalise, it just shut up!

Back at the hotel in the evening, I was again chatting with my wife. When she asked me how I was feeling about this now, I just replied “I have no idea!”. She was a little surprised at the anwser — but it was an honest one. My left brain just could not grasp what was going on nor why things were happening. Jees — day 3 (level 2) was about to hit me too.

OK. So now it’s day 3. My left brain is already completely overloaded. “Brain Fry”, if you like!

We got frequencies, windows and in the last part, modules.

Darn —– it all seemed to work. “What the heck is this all about?” says Mr. left brain!

It was quite an intensive day and I had to literally rush from the seminar (which was going to overrun a little) before it ended to catch my flight back home.

I spent the late evening (got home around 11pm) talking to my wife about how I still had no idea what was happening — but it seemed to work.

This morning (Easter Monday), my son told me he had some back issue from a snowboarding accident during the weekend. So I thought I’d just try out what I had “learned” during the weekend. I had no expectation. In fact, if I had any expectations, they were that it wouldn’t work. How wrong could I be?

My son had some clear shift in his upper spine which meant the left shoulder was about 2 inches higher than the right one. So, I took out my “toolbox” and “decided” on a simple 2-point. He rocked/swayed a little (to my utter delight). I then re-checked his shoulders ……… STRAIGHT and LEVEL! My wife was there (much bigger skeptic than me) and was “kind of surprised”. “This is fun” I thought. It felt right to carry on and I found a load of other stuff. Every time, I just followed the instructions Richard had given and used whatever came up for me — with instantaneous results! AMAZING!

So my wife is getting curious by now. I start to show her what I’m doing —- and she almost collapses on the floor. This is NOT what my wife usually does, I should add! I didn’t feel like I was done, so I carried on playing. Whatever came up (and some of it felt STUPID), I just went with it (as taught). And it just kept on working. My wife and I were laughing so hard. NOTHING works on her! But this seems to.

Now I’m going to work on (and practice with) my wife for the coming days/weeks to see what comes up and what we can change (particularly in her health). I have a good feeling right now — even though (or maybe precisely because) my left brain has no darn idea what is going on.

Final post for now (promise ). I don’t know if Richard and/or Melissa read this board, but in any case I would just like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to both Richard and Melissa for this past weekend. I have a feeling the changes are just beginning.

Finally — if anyone out there is wondering whether or not this event is worth participating in. My opinion, as a skeptic, GO FOR IT. Let yourself be blown away by the fun and enthusiasm. Worst comes to the worst, it’s fun to watch people collapsing and listening to Richard’s infectious sense of fun and enjoyment.




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