It’s the craziest f*n thing I’ve ever seen, or was that a miracle?


We’ve been learning about toxicity and fixing people up from toxicity for years; especially over the past few years, we’ve been given so much data on it and seen how to fix up environments and people from the effects of toxicity.  

I thought we pretty much had a good grip on what was going on in the world of toxicity.  But this last thing floored us and made me wonder what was going on!  It’s the craziest f*n thing I’ve ever seen!

Jen and I have been on a quest to find the perfect space for our Healing  & Transformation Space.  We left toxic areas and toxic ways of living, cleaning up our food, and water and even clearing out the EMF’s or wifi / cellphone toxic stuff.  We feel we found the perfect spot for our space.

As some of you already know, we moved into a space out by Mt. Baker National Forest in Washington near Maple Falls a few miles from Bellingham, Wa and Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The air is clean, the water is amazing, the people are great, the forest and trails are beyond belief.  And we found a great house that is perfect for events and seminars and our private sessions.  

So it was crazy when we started having strange symptoms.  Jen was having red allergic type reactions in her face.  I was having muscle soreness and a locking up sensation in my pelvis.  Even our son, was having significant congestion issues.  We were all having congestion issues and a feeling of having a flu in our heads and throats and chests.  What could possibly be going on?  Were we eating something not good for us?  We were just about to give up chocolate and gluten-free pancakes when a miracle happened.

In the course of a few days, all this happened.  I accidentally got 3 in 1 oil in my eye!  It literally popped up from a can as I set it on a bench and hit me in my right eye.  What was I not willing to see?

I smelled something in an air vent that smelled like that laundry detergent smell.  But couldn’t find where it was coming from.

THen miracles of miracles; our son dropped a penny in an air vent and told us “momma, I dropped a penny down there”.

Jen opened the vent and to our horror we found an “air purifier”; you know one of those toxic artificial air purifiers!  I mean, we won’t even stay in a room where one of those is and here we had been in this house for about 6 weeks!  So we checked all the vents and every vent had one and sometimes two of these “air purifiers” in them!  

Of course we removed them and are in the process of detoxing our home. We have to replace all the ducting and are installing a heat pump and air purifying system.

It seems I’ve learned about toxicity the past few years thru my own body and experience.  Where is a reality where I have the useful information without running it thru my own body or experience?   But that is how I learned about fluoride in the water, gluten, GMO;s, in food and EMF’s from cell phones and wifi.  If you want any information on any of this or other toxicity issues, let me know.  Call or email me.  

So now we’ve got more data on the effects of these “air purifiers”  I mean we already new they were bad but we found good information on how to get it out of your environment.  And we pulled up the info on what is actually in these “air purifiers”.

What we learned is that formaldehyde, benzene, and petroleum distillates are in them and off gas from them.  There is nothing purifying about them.  In fact Europe and Russia ban them and they also ban those things like laundry soap and dryer towels with those same type of chemicals in them.  Here’s a link to stuff that is banned in other countries that is still used in the good ‘ol USA! Click Here.

So now about cleaning up your home.  If you’re having auto-immune issues, allergies; if your kids have behavioral issues; if someone in your family is not doing well you might want to look into how to make your house a haven for health.  Even if you are eating well and avoiding toxins to your best ability, your neighbors may be spraying pesticides and chemicals of all sorts on their lawn.  If you see immaculate lawns, then they are probably using stuff that is not good for insects, weeds and humans!

We found these guys and are getting our home set up with  a system to heat, cool and purify the air.  Here’s the link for that. Click here.   You want someone who is knowledgeable in this area and most heating and air companies are not up on this in the way that Wes Diskin of Barron Green Team is. *

If you’re reading this, then you are obviously serious about your health and the health of your loved ones.  You care enough to take the time to educate yourself and make necessary changes.  If you might like more information on what we’ve learned about Water, Air, Food, environment and toxicity as well as how to fix yourself up from the effects of toxicity, call or email me, so you can get on with  healing and living in an environment that is safe and healthy.  

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for the blog post about toxins and clearing the air with plants click here.

Ralph & Jen Havens Healing & Transformation Space Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via Phone & Skype *

Ralph & Jen Havens
Healing & Transformation Space
Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via Phone & Skype *



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