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Coming Home sessions are a unique and powerful way to supercharge your health, your life, your home, your family, your business, your path and purpose and more.  With Matrix Energetics and other ancient wisdom, Ralph Havens helps people and families and businesses and groups of all sorts.   At the basic level of what we are, there is no thing there.  There is infinite potential.   By playing with the pattern of light and information in your home, your being, your physical body and those connected with you, we can truly help you shift realities to align with your path and purpose; to play in a magical world and see how you can be more and more You.    You are welcome to schedule multiple days in a row. These are fun and transformative sessions.  Think of it as tuning your life’s channel to a different channel; one that is more fun, abundant and more playful. Read More> . Full day session with Ralph Havens (7 hours)$1999  plus travel expenses.

 Half day session with Ralph Havens (3 hours) $999 plus travel expenses.





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