What is it you do?  Can you explain it?

I could talk a lot about what we think we’re doing.  In fact what do any of us really know to be true?  I mean really know?  What scientific “fact” or idea hasn’t been disproved at a later date.  So I want to start with that.

We really don’t know what we do but we’ve been blessed to be part of someone’s healing, with miracles of all sorts and with transforming lives.  There are explanations that make sense to explain what we do but I am open to the idea that the reason they work is for reasons I may never know.

There are many techniques we know and use but overlying all of them is what is called Matrix Energetics.  With matrix energetics for us it really is a way of Being. It’s us being in the state of Grace.  There is a reproducible way to get there with Matrix Energetics.

Then what happens to our clients and their family and relationships is usually what you would call useful or good or beneficial.  It tends to show up in ways that the client likes such as healing an injured area or condition.  But it also tends to show up in unexpected ways of transformation in their lives.

So what do we do?

First we drop into the space where healing occurs.  You could call it grace, or the field, or God, or anything; but once you name it, you limit it and it’s not really something you could put in a word or phrase or even a book.  It’s kind of like Fire.  You could do a lot of talking about what fire is, what it feels like; you could show the physics of Fire but you won’t have a clue what it is until you touch it.  In that instance you experience what Fire is.  So we drop the client into this healing space and they get to experience what it is like to be in the presence of unlimited power and space.  Many times this is all that is needed to shift a person’s pattern of pain or problem to one of healing and transformation.  Stuff Changes.

Then we do what shows up.  So sometimes it will be a technique such as Integrative Manual Therapy.  We’re certified in IMT and have taken over 110 classes in this field alone.  IMT has an extensive series of assessment diagnostics using our hands to feel problems and conditions in the body systems such as joint, bones, muscles, and also organs, arteries, veins, lymph vessels and nodes as well as addressing issues around toxicity, pathogens, mental, emotional, spiritual, miasms and more.

We combine that with anything else we are trained in such as sole support orthotics, , detox diets, gluten free programs, Nourishing Traditions Nutrition to address metabolic syndrome problems, and Pilates.

We have access to many methods and we will use whatever is appropriate for the client.  We drop into the space where healing happens with Matrix Energetics and then see what shows up that would be useful and transformative on all levels for our client.

Ralph Havens PT OCS IMTC

certified Matrix Energetics Practitoner




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