When treating chronic conditions such as chronic lower back pain or chronic neck pain, I have found some interesting phenomena. With low back pain or neck pain or other chronic conditions,  in the past I would work very hard to look at where the pain was emanating from and what we’re some physical causes of the pain, I now find that using my left brain to look for problems and conditions is useful minimally.  What I find more useful is to make a weak measurement as Dr. Richard Bartlett, DC, ND talks about in his books and seminars.  From that point, I’ve found that if I “let go” and “drop down” to the space of the heart and let go of any need to heal something or make something happen, wonderful things do happen.  Many times the changes go way beyond merely fixing up the physical pain.  Many times other things change in my clients lives as a result of us using Matrix Energetics which is what I’m describing.

I’ve had patients with chronic pain ask me “why don’t my prayers work?” or “what did you just do to me?” or other dramatic remarks.  In many cases despite having severe and chronic pains or conditions for years, their pain is gone in a few minutes or with the first session; many times significantly and when they return for their next visit the changes have continued in many cases.

What do I make of this?  Well, first of all I am grateful and appreciative to be witness to such miracles.  My left brain is satisfied because I have studied the quantum physics, scalar physics, plasma physics and spiritual traditions such as qigong, and the work of Jed McKenna to know how this could be possible.  But, I also know that it is not a matter of me fixing someone anymore.  It is more likely due to dropping down to the zero point field where miracles are not only possible but where it is already done.

Much of this may seem foreign to you if you have not studied Matrix Energetics or QiGong but if you are interested there are ways to learn this technology for yourself.  I say technology because it is not another healing therapy but instead is a way of life; A way of access the state of miracles.  And there is a physics of miracles behind this technology.   I encourage you if you are interested to click on some of the embedded links for more information.

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC

Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner





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