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I love Writing it’s so much fun! and other useful rule sets


Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified matrix energetics practitioner


I just finished our matrix energetics distance session for all of us on our email list. Each Thursday at 8:30 am pacific time, I do a matrix energetics session for all of us.  Even if you don’t have time to sit quietly to notice what you notice at that time, it still has profound shifts for us all. You can notice how today goes and notice what is different today and from now on since having this distance matrix energetics session.  Notice how you move today and your thoughts and notice what is different.


Today’s session had to do with rule sets.  Rule sets such as “I barely make enough money to get by” or “I can’t seem to find the right partner” or “no matter how much good I do, it doesn’t seem to make a difference”.


What would it be like to change your rule sets?  Now of course many of us have tried affirmations and thinking good thoughts without making much difference. So, I’m not talking about that.  It is truly “as a man or woman thinkith so is he or she” but not in a thin smear of thinking layered over a giant belief system that is the exact opposite!


What I’ve noticed since taking matrix energetics classes with Richard and Melissa Joy, is that my words, my thoughts and my intentions become reality; many times instantly or very quickly.  How is that?  I used to try affirmations and all this self help stuff but it only worked a little and I had to work so hard at it.  During my individual matrix energetics sessions, I’ve noticed that as I see a pattern or a limitation, it shifts as I note it.  It happens so fast and it’s not because I’m doing something but instead because I’m getting out of the way and the Field or Space or God or whatever you would call unconditional love interacts and the change happens.


There is a way to access a state where miracles are not only possible but very likely.  And it has nothing to do with Doing Something and everything to do with play and joy and unconditional love.  It’s not something that words would make sense out of.  But it is an experience and it is reproducible.  And Real Stuff Changes in the Real World.


I like to test Real Stuff with my clients such as how they move, pain patterns, other signs and symptoms before we start a session so that we can check later.  I do it so I can see what changes and for the clients so they can see stuff is changing.  But what is cool is how other stuff changes too.  Finances, Relationships, Work, Play, other stuff changes.. As I see miracles, I get more reality in this matrix energetics and how quickly stuff can change and it just snowballs; it happens faster and faster and I really know!



Today’s session in this matrix energetics state of joy, play and unconditional love, I noticed rule sets come in. I noticed a clearing of misunderstandings or beliefs from the past; both our beliefs and those of others. Try these on and see how they feel.



I love making money! it’s so fun!


I love writing books! it’s so fun!


When ever I play, miracles happen!


I am always in a state of joy and play!


and open ended questions such as:



If this was fun what would I notice?


If I were to play today what would I notice?


If I were to experience joy today, what would I notice?


So during today’s session, I was in the matrix energetics state of unlimited potential and from there I saw rule sets shifting.  If you notice what is different today, let me know.  Email me and feel free to post it on our google page.  What I enjoy is hearing the stories because if I know it’s happened once, I know it can happen again, and this can help others.



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