I have a friend, Peggy who is a matrix energetics practitioner and has taken classes from Hector Garcia, DC who has worked on me with her skills recently.  She found some interesting stuff and it brought up this blog post.  She told me “now I know you’re not into looking at the dark side or even considering that there is a dark side….. but I saw 3 hooks attached to your diaphragm area and when I took them out later I looked and they were back.  They’re out now but I think you should place a white light around you as protection.  It seems it is some of your clients energy trying to attach to you in an attempt to feel better or heal”

Peggy knows I consider we’re all one and there is no such thing as blending with others in a negative way but I realize that I do notice what she is talking about.  In fact over the past few days before her session with me, I was noticing feeling exhausted and a definite pain in my diaphragm and adrenal areas.  Once she worked on me I no longer felt that and felt much lighter.

and then it hit me, yes we are one and no one can truly hurt me, but we are also in a dualistic world at the same time.  I wouldn’t let anyone and everyone come and live in my house or take care of my child.  There are levels of how much access someone has me and my house and my family.  My, my, my! it doesn’t look like I totally buy the oneness and all is one thing!  While I do believe we’re all one, I also think boundaries are there for a purpose and it’s a co-dependancy thing.  Boundaries are good, helpful and I can’t truly help others if If I just let everyone have full access to all of me and my house.

So, I think, boundaries are useful and protecting oneself is a thing to consider but as a way to help others and ourselves.  Consider using a white bubble around you and some dolphin energy for fun; that’s what I do and other things I’ve learned from Matrix Energetics.  But I make it my rule set that it’s done and then let it go.  That’s how I do it now to check in on the white bubble, and some other ways I protect my self to have boundaries but then I let it go and play.  If I continued to think about needing to protect myself or worried about it, then I’m in a duality with the issue and then it can hurt me.  But if I just play with it, set up my boundaries and then let go and play, I can keep my “house” for myself and reach out and help others from there.

Some ideas about blending, protection, duality, non-dual awareness and rituals to protect oneself.

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified matrix energetics practitoner





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