Annie Robine, M.D.’s report after taking matrix energetics from Richard Bartlett, DC, ND in San Diego, August 2011

Hi Ralph

I hope all is well with you! I made it back to Kansas City safely..but the trip home was far from ordinary!  The flight is 3 hours I settled into my seat..did a little reading in my Matrix manuals..and pondered how in the world I was going to incorporate it into my current practice and everyday life…eventually I decided to give up thinking about anything and launched into a fun time of playing Angry Birds on my Ipad. It was about halfway through the flight when I heard an overhead announcement from one of the flight attendants asking “Is there a doctor on board..we have a medical problem with a passenger”  Yikes!! I paused a moment but then pushed my overhead call light to let them know where I was…. They needed help with a woman who was having respiratory distress and dizzyness…Of course the doctor part of me quickly took control but on the long walk to the back of the aircraft where the lady was ..I went as well as could downward into my heart space…While I was taking her blood pressure and doing all the usual doctor stuff I was able to make a clear intention of helping her,..but it was so distracting with the crew there and 200 passengers all looking at me. Eventually I asked if we could change seats and the lady and I made our way up to the very front and sat together. I had oxygen on her and had determined she was in no immediate danger..She had been seen the night before in the ER and told she had pneumonia. She had not slept well in a week and had taken quite a lot of medication.  Some time  passed and still I was having trouble just letting that intention go.  Finally I asked her what I thought was a pretty open ended question…I said “What can I do for you”  I expected her to say something medically oriented but she looked straight at me and took her oxygen mask off and said…”I would like a better job”!!!! This caught me so off guard I burst out laughing and the intention I had mentally held left me and went right to her!  She sank back into the seat..and after a moment or so said “I feel so much better..completely normal”…WOW..She had no idea who I was and certainly nothing about Matrix…but there you are.  The flight crew had already summoned EMT who were there when we arrived but after they examined her found nothing wrong..she was allowed to get back on the plane and continue the next leg of the flight.  I had to give the aircrew my name and license number as well as a way to contact the entire incident is on record!! How is that for validation!!  I did not get her whole name but I will always wonder if she got that new job she wanted!!    Email me after you read this and tell me what you think…I am so amazed this happened to me…but if I was looking for validation I would say this would qualify!!    Blessings to you…..Annie

thanks Annie for sharing this!  We’re seeing a lot of miracles coming since the last Matrix Energetics class here in Coronado, Ca.  more to come!  Ralph Havens



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