Announcing a NEW class:    ALIM 301 Alchemy Imagery*Using Images and Ideas to Shift Outcomes*
*Get the Results You Want for Yourself, Your Family, Clients and the World You Live in.*
*Supercharge your Integrative Medicine Practice*

at Mission Hills Physical Therapy – San Diego

Come to this class because it will be fun, interesting and consciousness provoking

AND / OR Use the energy embedded in this outline and the picture of the Integrative Medicine Module.

Developed by Kimberly Burnham, PhD Integrative Medicine; Matrix Energetics Certified; Integrative Manual Therapy Certified; Licensed Massage Therapist; Qigong Practitioner

Date: April 24-25 (Saturday & Sunday) 9 – 6 with a 1 hour lunch (14 hours of class room time)

$295 for registration before March 1 and $350 for registration after March 1, 2010.

Registration through PayPal or Credit Card go to Under Courses.

Registration by check send to The Burnham Review 41 Crescent St. West Hartford, CT 06119

Location: Mission Hills Physical Therapy, San Diego, California

Class Size: Limited to 35 people.

Highly Recommended Pre-requisites: This class is ideal for health care practitioners (physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, integrative manual therapists, optometrists, acupuncturists, matrix energetics practitioners, reiki practitioners, qigong practitioners, etc. The class is also open to anyone who is interested.

1. The Matrix Energetics Experience by Richard Bartlett (Audio Program, DVD with Cards)2. Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation by Richard Bartlett
3. The Physics of Miracles: Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential by R.Bartlett
4. Reflection Therapy by T. Giammatteo, DC. and S. W. Giammatteo

Spend sometime at the following websites
Wisdom Healing Qigong (Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down DVD) www. and 

Mission Hills Physical Therapy

The Burnham Review Manual Therapy Research

Kimberly Burnham’s Self Care Page & Presentations Matrix Energetics Videos, Audio Programs, Books, Two Point Video and more 
www. and http://

Kim’s Matrix Energetics Site click on the Matrix Energetic Clinic link

Integrative Manual Therapy Course Catalog, RBD List www.

Imaging the Tenth Dimension www.

Test Kits  lifeworkpotential catalog

Class Material: Each person will receive a paper course manual and an electronic version of the material on a disk. The electronic versions can be put on the computer, iPod, iPhone, Kindle, electronic picture frame, etc. One section of the course will focus on how to gather images from the internet and how to use computers, iPods, etc as clearing devices.

Table of Contents Summary

Information Technology 
    How to find images, knowledge management / information technology, creating clearing devices
    Referencing: Internet, Technology, Ho’oponopono
    In Class Lab / Practice: Creating a Clearing Device

    Using Symbols, Sigils, Images, Shapes, Myths, Architypes in your practice.
    Referencing Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Hebrew Letters, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP)
    In Class Lab / Practice: Create a Sigil

    Using Frequencies, Numbers, Shapes, Cards, Letters.
    Referencing Radionics and Reif Machines, Matrix Energetics Frequencies Cards (part of  Matrix Energetics Experience package), Homeopathy
    In Class Lab / Practice: Use Virtual Radionics Machine with Integrative Medicine Module

Homeopathy and Information Delivery 
    Using Homeopathic Information Technology
    Referencing Homeopathy Article    
    In Class Lab / Practice: Assess for organs and organ related homeopathic. Where can’t it go, where is it drawn to.

Test Kits and Information Delivery 
    Using Test Kits, Biomeridian in relation to Information Technology
    Referencing Test Kits from Nutritional Companies and others
    In Class Lab / Practice: Noticing what changes when accessing the information stored in test kits?

    Using Diagnostic Information. Accessing your Subconscious
    Referencing: Dowsing, Qigong, Meditation, Ho’oponopono, Mechanical Link and Manual Therapy Inhibitory Balance Testing / Nullification.
    In Class Lab / Practice: Two Point Dowsing.

Generating Healing and Redifferentiation 
    Facilitating the processes of cell growth and healing. Accessing the Energy <–> Matter Continunum.
    Referencing: Qigong, Cancer Research, Homotoxicology Phases.
    In Class Lab / Practice: Assessing and Using Homeotoxicology Phases

Anatomic Systems 
    Healthy Tissue Visualization, Anatomy and Physiology, Shapes and Motilities, Biochemistry, Elements, Hormones, Neurotransmitters.
    Referencing Anatomy and Physiology Images.
    In Class Lab / Practice: Improving eye health, vision and the ability to visualize.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) Resources 
    Utilizing Integrative Manual Therapy Resources.
    Referencing Books by Sharon W. Giammatteo, Articles by Sharon W. Giammatteo, Lissa Wheeler, Tanya Crowell, Kimberly Burnham, Ralph Havens and websites
    In Class Lab / Practice: Reflection Therapy, Anatomic Imagery, Dowsing with Muscle Synchronizers.

Reflex Points Resources 
    Using Reflex Points for Assessing and Healing.
    Referencing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Meridians, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chiropractic Manual Muscle Testing, Nutrition Reflex Points, Integrative Manual Therapy, Osteopathic Mechanics. 
    In Class Lab / Practice: Facilitating Healing with Muscle and Organ Relationships.

Osteopathic Manual Medicine 
    Accessing the Morphic Field of Osteopathy.
    Referencing Morphic Field Theory Rupert Sheldrake, Osteopathic Texts. 
    In Class Lab / Practice: Space and Fluid between the layers. What would Harrison Fryette Do? What would William G. Sutherland do? What would Harold Magoun, Sr. do? What would Fred Mitchell, Sr / Fred Mitchell Jr. Do? What would John Upledger do? What would Paul Chauffour do? What would Jean-Pierre Barral do? Etc.

Motilities / Pulsing Universe 
    Using Cranial Rhythms, Muscle Rhythm, Piper Rhythm, Accessing the Hertz, Expansion / Contraction on all levels.
    Referencing: CranioSacral Therapy, Integrative Manual Therapy, Medical Research, Circadian Rhythms, Irving Dardik’s Exercise Program, Qigong. 
    In Class Lab / Practice: Muscle Rhythm Palpation, Piper Rhythm, Accessing the Hertz.

Sound, Light and Vibration 
    Using Sound, Light Vibration in your practice and as self care.
    Referencing Qigong Sounds, IMT Percussion Instrument, Toning / Sounding, The Healing Voice with Jill Purce, Light Wave Research, Crystals, Infra-Red Light, Lasers, Heat. 
    In Class Lab / Practice: Light / Color Wave Lengths on Reflex Points.

Using Time Therapeutically 
    Using Time and Space to your advantage.
    Referencing Matrix Energetics Time Travel Richard Bartlett, Qigong Images of Time, Intention Experiment / Lynn McTaggart, Quantum Physics / Fred Alan Wolfe, Course in Miracles, Abraham / Ester Hicks. “Time Exists so everything doesn’t happen all at once, Space exists so it doesn’t all happen to me.”
    In Class Lab / Practice: Qigong Time Exercise.

Answering Questions 
    Helping the client when you answer the questions “What are your doing?” and “What are your noticing? 
    Referencing Placebo and Nocebo Research Literature. 
    In Class Lab / Practice: Treating and answering these questions.

Consulting and Distance Treatment Resources 
    Developing the ability to transcend space and distance.
    Referencing Remote Viewing and Distance Healing Literature. 
    In Class Lab / Practice: Surrogate Treatments.

Websites Also check out my self-care page for self-care ideas and powerpoint presentation and for more information on where I am and what I am doing visit the calender page at There is also a blog / listing page where you can see ways to get your name out free. Check out what is saying about you and me. Feel free to leave a comment there on Kimberly Burnham, PhD or The Burnham Review. 

Kimberly Burnham, PhD 
Editor, The Burnham Review



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