Recently I was having dinner with Molly, our favorite Yoga instructor and her husband, Josh and we were talking about diet and health as well as how the government and health institutions and universities and even massage schools are trying to standardize everything. They use terms such as finding the “best practices”, “usual predictors of outcome” and they want to use “research” so that all involved can know what works for everyone regarding their health, diet, schooling, even their massage!

Molly and Josh are vegetarians and gluten free and Jen, my wife and I are gluten free but adhere more to the Weston Price ideas of nutrition. I was telling them how I’ve been eating organic grass fed beef liver the night before long runs on the Pacific Crest Trail and other trails around San Diego and that I have a boost in energy and recovery; Liver is high in glycogen which is a huge energy store and high in iron and folate.

I was reminded about what a good friend of mine Dr. David Barold, MD said once. David has studied with a lot of people with nutrition from Price-Pottinger, to Gerson, to all sorts of raw and other nutrition programs. Despite all this training he said something once that really resonated with me and that was, “if anyone tells you they know what everyone should do with their diet, run like Hell the other way!”

So this brings me back to this idea of standardization. Shouldn’t the research point us toward the best nutrition program for everyone? What predicts the best health? Shouldn’t we be able to look at the data and know once and for all what diet is best for people?

Dr. Weston Price spent decades in the 1930’s and 40’s traveling and studying the nutrition and diet and health patterns of indigenous people all over the world. He studied Kenyon people, Eskimos, north Canadian indians, Pacific Islanders, people in the Alps and they all ate different things. But they were all very healthy until westerners started coming in and they adopted the flour and sugar in the western diet. His book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is a must read for anyone interested in what works. But the point is that they all ate different foods. There were foods they didn’t eat, namely grain and sugar, but besides that they ate very different foods. Think about how different an Eskimo eats compared to a Kenyon or a Pacific Islander.

So as Josh and Molly and Jen and I were talking Josh said something that was quite insightful. He said something along the lines of ” if you clear out your own clutter, you can access what is true to you” I thought it was brilliant. What did I take from that? Basically that if you clear your own mind and drop into your heart you can access the truth. From there you will be drawn to what is right for you. Now I think it’s great to read and research but ultimately who are you going to go to when you decide what to do for yourself? If you’re “in your mind” you have limited access. But by clearing out the clutter, being still and dropping down into your heart you can have real knowledge of what is true for you.

Let me know what you think; send me and email from our contact page on what you find that is true for you?
Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner



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