Accessing fields of information is useful to transform and heal. If someone else has done “it”; healed, transformed, gotten rich, lived a certain way, then you can. Accessing these fields of information is part of the

Cheat Code of Life.
I am Ralph Havens a Physical Therapist and I have found ways to use this as a way to heal and transform myself and now others.

Even reading this article will transform you.

Try it,

test your neck movements and arm movements first, then read this newsletter and then re-test the neck and arm movements and notice how they are different.

Then let me know what you noticed,

You are already accessing information now; it’s how you are running your life.  You already do this now.  You might want to consider doing it a way that might be more useful. Call or email me and set up a time to access more useful information so you can heal and transform and have a life that is more useful and fun for you.

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