I get asked what is the difference between in person sessions and over Skype or phone at a distance.  Especially when someone comes in for an in person session, it might seem hard to imagine how you could fix up something if the client was miles away.

I think it’s  good question to answer as there are people all over the world that could use help.  I got asked this question recently and after talking with them, wrote up an email that I thought would make a good blog post to describe the difference between in person and at a distance sessions.

Here it is:

here’s some of that info about IMT and Matrix and
the idea of Skype vs. in person sessions
and results and what can be helped with them.
this first one is an email from a woman who was on my last group online healing and transformation session.  she was requesting to be on the one this next Sunday.
w/o giving you specific info about her
here’s part of her email to me.
with this one, I don’t know where she lives and never worked on them except in a group online.  here’s part of her email to me this morning.
I just signed up for Sunday’s session. At the last session in August, I requested help for my
14 year old daughter with ADHD. I have noticed her behavior and demeanor at home has
greatly improved!!

— Then here’s the email from the grandmother that brought me her 2 + y.o. grandson for a 20 minute donation based session when we were in San Diego.    I worked on Yoda the last 15 minutes because he wouldn’t let me touch him.   This email came months after I saw him

this next one was a woman who approached me after I spent 2 hours doing demos and talk at the Pacific Beach Holistic Center to about 60 people.  I never worked on her or saw her but at the end of the talk / demo she came up to me asking if I could help her little boy who was getting in trouble in school and acting out and might have had some Autism type stuff going on.  I gave her my card and did a 5 second Matrix Energetics two point thing to her in relation to the issue and let go.   I didn’t hear from her for months if not longer and then got this  email from her.


I forgot to email you to let you know the results of what you did with me an how it helped my 6 year old son who had Autism. I met you at the grand opening for the PB Holistic center owned by Sammy. After your group session I approached you and told you that my son was having a lot of tantrums in school and he was on a streak of earning red cards everyday. After you did what you did the very next week he had a straight week of green cards. I didn’t want to say anything because I wanted to make sure his streak would continue. Since that time he has had a few rough days once in a while, but for the most part he earns green cards and doesn’t have as many tantrums. The only difference I have seen is when he is with Dad. It seems his tantrums are worse with Dad. We have been divorced since he was 1 so he’s been sharing his time in both homes since then. I’m not sure what to make of that observation, but I think you have helped. Thank you for doing what you did for us!


here’s some info about it that I’ve written up
Matrix Energetics vs. Integrative Manual Therapy
and in person sessions vs. over Skype or at a distance.


and another article about it



with so many things I’ve seen, I feel if someone has an issue, a pain, a condition, a medical problem that has not been helped; even if they feel hopeless,

they really might consider calling me or emailing me and getting a session. .

just a side note,   we were all concerned  about some family members this past summer, and they were getting a lot of tests done.

I worked on both at a distance for some stuff that looked medical and stuff that looked pretty serious.  It shifted so much that the next time I worked on one of them, she was telling me about some hip pain; so I asked her, “how is the eating going?”  and then she realized that it had changed and she was eating and doing well in that area.  The other family member also no longer had his extreme tiredness and other stuff that was going on and causing such concern.


it’s good to forget the tough times but where it can be useful is when we all hear of someone who has something that is not fixing up; something people are concerned about;

it might be time to get a session with me and if they are at a distance, a Skype session works; if they are here; it’s great to see them in person.


I would love to get the word out about this and give people some real hope and help.   If you feel it might help someone, please let them know.

If someone has something that is a problem; medical or otherwise, it would be great to get them info about matrix energetics and IMT and the way we use nutrition to fix people up.


anyway,  it’s interesting times now for us, and we wanted to get the word out about Matrix Energetics and Integrative Manual Therapy and how we use it in person and at a distance.

here’s more links






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