I’ve had an interesting path to say the least in my quest to learn how to help people heal and transform. What started off as just a good career as a physical therapist, so that I could run and train as a marathon runner, turned into a life-long quest to fix up myself, heal my self, transform my self and discover the true nature of reality so that I can help you in your healing and transformation and discovery of what is your Truth.

I feel the reason I’ve been on such a path for my entire life is to heal myself and help you heal yourself. And along the way, discover what is truth and let go of what is not.

After getting my Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 1985, I took a job in San Diego working at Mercy Hospital. I believe I didn’t really help anyone heal for about 3 years. I mean I was there. I did what I was taught to do in physical therapy school, but I really don’t believe I fixed anyone up with what I was using.

I was lucky to meet Neil Sturman and Dana Twist a few years into my career; both physical therapists, who showed me how you Can Make a Difference and that you must if you are to have a life that matters. They were a huge influence on how I looked at clients and my education and pursuit of truth.

So I started off with a lot of Osteopathic technique, Yoga, Functional Orthopedics, Manipulation, Rolfing and Movement re-education training. I thought I had it figured out.

But, the chronic people; the ones with the Fibromyalgias, chronic pains, chronic medical conditions; the weird, unexplained pain syndromes and conditions were not changing.

So I looked into and trained with the Upledger Institute and learned CranialSacral therapy, Visceral manipulation, Mechanical Link and other more elegant and subtle techniques. So I thought I had it figured out then. Yes, there were some people getting real relief and healing; but many; perhaps most; were not getting complete cures or answers.

So I took an Integrative Manual Therapy class on Women’s and Men’s Health Issues. It was taught by Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD and her team. This was the beginning; I believe of my real education in healing and transformation.

This was February of 2000 and what fascinated me about it was that Sharon and Tom Giammatteo and Sharon’s daughter Ayelet could see what was wrong and what needed fixing up and how to do it, by merely looking at someone; looking for just a brief moment.

So they would go around and tell us what was going on in our bodies and what techniques to use to fix it up. And they were right!

I mean, after that class, my body felt amazing. My running was off the charts. My body was looser, lighter, stronger, and I was happier. Just from taking a class and practicing these IMT techniques without even knowing if we’re doing them right.

So I brought Sharon and her team to our clinic in San Diego over the next 10 years to teach classes; and I and my team took classes all over the U.S. and Canada. I took over 110 classes over a 10 year span. I knew we were on to something big and we were gonna save the world.

I felt I had it.

We were taking IMT classes in nutrition, gluten sensitivity, allergies, auto-immune disorders, mercury toxicity, autism, GI problems, brain disorders, heart conditions and much more. And we were actually fixing up these conditions. People were healing way beyond any usual predictors of outcome as they say in the medical literature.

The thing was though, it took time. We could make big changes; big differences in a single visit but mostly these long term conditions would steadily improve and clear over time.

Problem was I could see stuff.

So I could see how sick some people were; some of our staff; our friends; our families. So we had a lot of work to do.

And we did it.

We had family members, friends, and clients healing and being cured of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heart conditions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis. There wasn’t anything we didn’t thing we could make a real difference in.

And we did.

I know that it seems impossible and I would have thought the same thing.  If it hadn’t been for the results in real people’s lives, I wouldn’t have believed it.  But there it was over and over again.

I felt that if someone came to us and did what we asked in the way of diet and lifestyle choices and getting therapy from us, we could fix up most things.

Truly amazing times for me and for my team and family.

But we were getting packed and there was no way to keep up. Not to mention the costs involved for people to come and see us.

The big moment came when I had a little girl with seizures, who was going blind and in terrible pain.

The IMT was helping. The nutrition was helping. But I knew there was more. That’s when I took my first Matrix Energetics class from Richard Bartlett, DC, ND. in August of 2009.

That’s when everything changed again!

I was used to blowing things up; letting go of methods and techniques, that had worked before, but were still not fixing people up fast enough,

and this was another version of let go of the old and bring in the new.

If something works better let’s go with that! So as we used Matrix Energetics with the IMT this little girl no longer had seizures and was able to see again. She was reading texts on her cell phone again!

Another client who changed everything for me.

Here’s one story from a grateful grandmother.  This was a 20 minute session on a 2  year old.  There’s more to this story too.  email or call me and I can tell you more about it.  here it is https://www.ralphhavens.com/2011/04/07/matrix-energetics-email-from-a-very-grateful-grandmother/

And another client who changed how I view healing:

There was a client who was to see me as a new client and was running late. So there she was in my office filling out paperwork. I had just taken my first 5 day class of Matrix Energetics and my friend and teacher and colleague, Kim Burnham, PhD, told me “well you can always go in the room and set it up so it’s done”.

And I remembered, “oh yea, they showed us how to do that in Matrix Energetics”.

So I went in the room and set the space up till it felt Done.

The client came in and preceded to tell me all that was wrong with her. Environmental and Chemical Sensitivities, chronic pain, on disability (she was 50 years old), anxiety and depression. so I stood her up and did what in Matrix Energetics is called a Two Point. I let go and got my indicator that it was Done.

She turned to me, twisting with a look of “oh my God” and said “what are you doing to me?”

I don’t remember what I said, but I ended up watching her roll on the floor, twist and turn and move in ways I couldn’t even move for the entire hour. Afterwards, she said, “that was amazing”. And she left.

Each of the next 3 visits were similar. The last 3 visits I mainly showed her some yoga and movement exercises because she was well. No more pain. So after not seeing her for 6 months, I thought, “whatever happened to her? why is she not back for more?”

So I emailed her and she told me, “you don’t understand; I knew the instant my anxiety and depression went away. I threw away all my supplements.” Since then I get emails from her from time to time and I’ve seen her not as a client; instead just out in public and she’s well. She travels around and makes art and sells art and she’s happy. here’s some of what she’s written me since then.

If you might like to read about what others have written me after their Matrix Energetics session here’s the link it came from https://www.ralphhavens.com/transformation-with-matrix-energetics/


This was written 3 years after her session.

Matrix, Matrix  Matrix Energetics!!!!!   What IS it?  I don’t KNOW!
What I DO know is that my life,  my body,  my mind,  my soul and my spirit are totally different since first being introduced to this magical mystery tour a few years ago by Ralph Havens,  P.T.
I laugh more,  I experience life MORE,  I notice things……ALL kinds of things with more interest and joy and intensity.

Everyday things,  like cutting a cucumber,  can be magical.  Have you ever REALLY looked at a cucumber and totally gotten into the experience of cutting one and then tasting it?  Can you imagine doing it for the very first time and being TOTALLY and absolutely engrossed in the process………AND having total,  knock your socks off JOY in doing it?

Well, I CAN and I think that magical,  miraculous Matrix Energetics has something to do with that,  yes I do!

So that’s the “small” stuff.  I also have had major shifts in my health.

Prior to seeing Ralph and starting on Matrix Energetics,  I was on disability due to back,  shoulder and elbow issues as well as multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue and depression.  NOT FUN!
Typically now I’m energetic,  happy, and nearly free of pain.
When I get in the flow of Matrix Energetics,  miracles happen.  I make connections with people in amazing synchronistic ways …….to the benefit of all of us. Things I need show up in very interesting and amazing ways.  etc etc.
I’m an artist and my paintings have taken on a new life.

I’m doing “energy” paintings.  I just paint and see what shows up when in the presence of the people I’m doing the painting for.  It’s as much of a surprise to me as to them.

Beautiful paintings are the result.


Thank you Ralph,  Jen and Ben for playing the Matrix game with me!

Can’t wait to see what happens next!


‘Art from the Heart’

If you might like to read about what others have written me after their Matrix Energetics session here’s a link: https://www.ralphhavens.com/transformation-with-matrix-energetics/


here’s a link to what people were saying after their sessions with IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) https://www.ralphhavens.com/testimonials/

I include the last link so you can see the difference.

Both amazing and very healing results and experiences; but with and since Matrix Energetics healing has taken on a new meaning for me. You can see it by looking at what others have said about their experiences with Matrix Energetics and with Integrative Manual Therapy.

I believe all of this and my path is part of something; a plan; an unseen plan or path. And I feel people find me who are ready for their own version of healing and transformation.

I’ve let go of a lot of techniques and ways to fix people up along the way; and I’ve brought back a lot of technique and techniques as well.

These days I’m using my Matrix Energetics as a way of being and access to the infinite; the Truth of what Is. This is the world of Miracles; instantaneous healing and transformation.

And, for you looking to heal and transform, I’m also using all my Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) skills and techniques to systematically look for and fix up physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stuff as it relates to your healing;

So you can get on with your life and what you are here to do. And to uncover what is Truth for You. Part of my path has been to let go of a lot of what I thought truth was or is.

I had a practice in San Diego; we were busy. But I feel the infinite had a different plan for me. To read more about how I almost died and how I used the signs to move to the northwest, here’s the link https://www.ralphhavens.com/detox-diets/

Along the way of this path, I’ve let go of many types of methods and technologies in my quest to find what works and to let go of what doesn’t work as well. I have taken it to extremes in some ways so that I can learn the Truth and hopefully help you uncover your Truth as you heal and transform as well.

Moving to Bellingham and Mt. Baker, WA, I thought I had a plan to live a certain way and get away from stuff; but again the infinite had a different plan for me. We’re following the flow and when something leads us somewhere we go; and when something stops us, we stop and listen.

For what does your heart desire?

Notice how you feel after reading this. You’re transforming. You’re healing. You’ve read through this description of my path. You know there is true healing and transformation for you. You’ve done a lot to uncover the Truth. You’re doing this now. You do this now.

If you might like to interact with me either in a private one on one session or in one of our online group sessions let me know.

I would love to see you and help you in your path. We can do that via Skype, in-person or with the online group sessions. Please share this with anyone you feel could use my help.

with all my heart,

Ralph ***

RalphHavensPT@gmail.com     *   360.599.2217   *

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