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What does Physics have to do with Transformation?

Have you ever tried to use the power of visualization or your intention to do something?  Like in the movie “The Secret” or in some of the many self-help, manifest-your-own-reality type books?

Ever wondered why they don’t seem to work very well?

They may work a little, but for all the effort, it often just doesn’t have the big bang for the buck.

Did you know that physicists who study the energy in a vacuum or the energy in empty space say that there is infinite energy, information, and potential in the vacuum or in the empty space?

So how can you truly access that infinite energy or potential?  I’ve been playing with this type of thing for years.  And after much study, I came across a way to do it.

Funny thing was, it wasn’t about doing it as much as something else.  It was easier than I thought. In fact it surprised me the first time it happened, so much that I told my wife “No Way!!!” and she exclaimed “Way!!!”

It’s consistently worked for us since that time about 5 years ago when we came across this way of doing stuff. I’m telling you this so you can also access this way of making things happen for you.

You may be thinking, this is just another one of those methods.  I know I did with most of the stuff I tried over the years.  This stuff felt different even from the beginning, but I still doubted it would totally work for me.

Luckily I was using it with a lot of clients as soon as I learned it, and it consistently worked.  People were lining up with their hearts’ desires and making real changes in all sorts of stuff.  Everyone had their own version of miracles.  So I got to prove it to myself by seeing it change my clients’, friends’, and families’ lives.

Here’s what I want you to do next. *  Notice how you feel and notice what’s different after reading this message.

If you notice the change or notice that something is different, you can access more of this infinite energy or infinite potential with this technology, so you can heal and transform.  Call me and let me know what you’d like to change.

ralphhavenspt@gmail.com 619.840.9755


Check in with how you felt before reading this and notice how you feel once you’re done reading it * and notice what’s different.  If you have a condition or issue that might be helped with this,

email or call me.    619.840.9755      ralphhavenspt@gmail.com

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

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