I learned a lot in my 2 years of hardly being able to run.  It was my birthday and I wanted to go for a really long run; 27 miles to be exact.  I was training for the KneeKnacker 30 mile trail race in Vancouver and having a blast with life.  My wife and I were having a baby in the Fall of 2011, we had just shifted our Physical Therapy practice to our house and let go of insurance billing and staff and were living a simpler life.  I had everything I thought I really wanted; A cash based Energy Medicine practice, I was running a lot of miles and running trails all over San Diego county.  We were having a baby!  Life was good.

24 miles into the run I had a calf cramp and ended up walking to 25 mile mark where my wife, Jen picked me up and we went home.  I tried running numerous times and even had a couple months running pain-free again in mid summer of 2011 but then all hell broke loose.  My left knee was hurting bad and my back around my kidneys was hurting and I felt very very stiff and like I had hard bones.  From there I didn’t run much over 1 or 2 miles and when I did that had severe bone pain.  This is how the next year.

I went to so many practitioners of all types, doctors, acupuncturists, energy workers and all sorts of therapists.  No one really helped but they all noticed stuff affecting my kidneys, digestive tract my thyroid, pelvis, bones and even my spine and nerves.  I was getting depressed but it wasn’t even the injury that was depressing me; there was a deep underlying depression happening to me.  I couldn’t shake it.  I did hours of QiGong and Matrix Energetics every day.  My clients were having huge changes and improving in all sorts of areas yet I couldn’t fix myself.  The depression I was feeling was overwhelming; I had never experienced such a hopeless feeling before; and it was going on and on every day.  I actually started thinking I was dying and even told my wife we should prepare for the possibility of this.  I was having trouble walking at times.  My legs were weak and getting skinny and it was damn scary.  I couldn’t take it; the idea of not being around for my son Ben over the years.  I was to say the least losing it.

Then It came to me.  June or so of 2012 I remembered some stuff I had read about fluoride in water and I researched it.  Much to my amazement and disbelief, I found that fluoride in the water causes all of these issues; kidney, thyroid, bone, depression, pain and more.  I got filters for the house; we found a great water supply from a spring here in San Diego county coming from Mt. Laguna and the Cleveland National Forest.  I was no longer having depression or kidney pains.  I was getting my energy back but my knee still hurt and it hurt a lot.  I could barely run 1 or 2 miles and did so with severe pain. But I felt I wasn’t dying anymore.  I was hurt and couldn’t really run but I was gonna live.  I was not happy but the deep depression had lifted somewhat.  I wished more than ever to be able to run again.

Then my good and dear friend Ben Boyd came across an article on how to detox fluoride using Borax.  I had heard you could use Borax but dismissed it as a crazy idea; using a laundry aid to heal someone and taking it internally!  But I read the article and it had lots of references and I tried it.  Within 1 or 2 days my pain was so much less and by the end of the week hardly even noticeable. Now in June of 2013 I’m running again.  I barely feel a little niggle sometimes but mostly I run feeling great; most times now I feel great running.  It’s a new lease on life as they say.  I hesitated writing about it as I was waiting till I felt the time was right.  Now is the time.  I’m healthy and I have a way to help people regain their health.  I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn what is being done by our so called leaders and people who run corporations to actually hurt people.  I have an answer for people to know how to protect themselves and to fix themselves up if they got caught in this.

There are lots of miracles that came from these two years and more to come I can see.  We’re moving to Portland Oregon where they don’t fluoridate the water. We’ve become very close friends with Brielle, JP and Solea Rae of Peace Pies and we’re seeing the whole thing as a frickin’ miracle.  If it hadn’t been for these crazy two years, I would probably still not be following my dream of living in the forest of the northwest and living a life close to the earth in a harmonious way with good friends and family.

I see a movement by people to regain their health, their lives, their destiny.  I feel I have an answer to help them.  Here’s what I’ve found that shifts things fast.  First and foremost getting good water and food is very important.  That makes sense and I used to think I ate well and drank filtered water.  But what I’ve seen now is that as most of the U.S. fluoridates the water supply with a known carcinogen, fluorisilcic acid which is contaminated with heavy metals there is a way to find clean water.  I’ll list the sites below with web pages to do your own looking.

Then the food.  Of course eating organic and non-GMO is part of it.  What part of bug spray on our foods makes any sense at all!  And having GMO’d crops that are genetically modified so they can take even more round-up pesticides just doesn’t fit in with healthy living.  But, as I write there is a bill in congress to make it a law to fumigate with a fluoride substance.  Why would they do that?  It can’t just be to kill fungus as they claim.  As I looked closer, I found that the fluoride compounds are actually a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry and the aluminum and nuclear industries.  They can’t dispose of it with out spending a lot of money so they put it on our food and water.  The worst recycling program ever!  I have gone thru periods of getting so mad I could hardly stand it, but I realize that if it wasn’t for this I’d not have made the move to Portland where the water is clean and the food is sacred.  I’m supposed to live by a forest and this was what got me up there!  But I have to let people know so they can make choices and save their families the kind of pain I’ve gone thru.  So anyway, getting good food that is not sprayed is very important.

I’m done fighting the system.  I tried to get the city of San Diego to stop fluoridating the water. I face-booked like crazy to let people know but I know that I’m here to do what I do and the people that are ready will find this information.  I’m done fighting but I’m not done letting people know about this stuff.

Detoxing from fluoride is important if you have any kidney, thyroid, depression, anxiety, bone pain or pain in general.  If you’ve been living in the U.S. almost anywhere here you have fluoride in your body.  If you’d like to detox from it here’s how to do it.  I’ll leave the website information here. Click here.

If you do just the stuff in the Click Here link you’ll get healthier.

I recommend finding a good water source.  Here’s what we found in San Diego county. Carlsbad Mineral Water Spring And if you’re not in San Diego, look for www.findaspring.com

Call me if you’d like more specific info and how we use Matrix Energetics and Wisdom Healing QiGong as part of this process.  You can heal yourself.  You can be happy again and abundant in your life.  Call me 619.840.9755   Ralph Havens



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