What started out as a way to have a job, so I could run 100+ miles a week as a competitive runner, has turned into a way of life.  I feel Grace is at work here.  I have found that I am learning more and more about what or who I really am and that any searching for me, was taking me farther away from what I truly am.  Thru my studies and applications and letting go of therapies, spirituality, and healing, I am now at the point that I notice that by Being; by Being Me, before the I Am, people and lives transform.  Walking in a room and noticing, and massive change happens, transformation Is.  I know it’s not me, in the physical me self.  It’s the Before the I Am.
What has been cool to see is how by Being, there really is no thing for me to do, but by Being, I get to do stuff and create and help.  Not because I have to Do Something. No because I Am and I get to Play.  I had an amazing week, really a day some time ago, when a lot changed for me.  After taking Matrix Energetics and playing with it for a while, some stuff happened and I no longer now look at the world the same way.  I don’t look at problems the same way.  And the funny and cool thing is, people’s lives transform after interacting with me.
The changes in people’s lives all over the world are amazing to notice.  I love getting emails such as this one below, and in my books, I describe my experience of life so far!  enjoy!
Hey Ralph,
I just wanted to let you know the shifts I have felt from the free long distance healings you have sent.  I am now living in Hawaii apprenticing on my brother’s farm in Hawaii.  During the past few months I have done a lot of physical healing by eating fresh organic foods grown right here on the land.  While I have been here I have kept reading your posts about what you have seen as you have sent a healing to the group. Most of the time I have felt that the names of your post have resonated with what I have been experienceing.  Quite amazing,  I am finally doing what I love, working with kind people, outside everyday with plants, digging in the dirt, and building.  In fact in the past month and a half I have raised $1500 and am in the process of building my first Hale’ (a hawaiian cottage.)  Since I have moved here I have experienced many miracles in my life and have had many desires manifested.  Thanks for the energy work!  Hope all is well.  Say hi to Jen and Ben for me : )



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